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All About Color


Why does my hair sometimes take darker on the ends, but doesn’t cover the gray?
The fiber of the hair determines how the color will be received in the hair. There are several types of color products that we use. One product can’t do it all. If covering gray, one needs a permanent hair color, to go into the cortex of the hair. Ends don’t need ammonia to be “refreshed”, therefore, a demi-permanent hair color is recommended.

Some companies make semi-permanent hair color. This hair color is sometimes labeled as washout color, with no regrowth. Seeking the advise of an American Board Certified hair colorist will help you know what type of color your hair needs to get the result you want.

Why does my hair pull red or brassy when I do my color?
Most of the time, this is a result of the formulation of the hair color. Working with natural undertones during the lightening process, and knowing what to do to counteract them, is essential. A skilled professional is important, if you are experiencing these results.

Why does my lightened hair look and feel rough?
Lightened hair reflects light, where dark colors absorb light. Light hair will always, look more “rough” or damaged because of this. Chemical process, sun, improper use of heat implements, etc., will damage the protein structure and bonds of the hair. Restoring them will go a long way to making your hair look and feel soft, manageable, and silky. Enlist the help of your professional stylist for their recommendation.

What is the difference between highlighting and balyage?
Highlighting is one of the most sought after color services in the salon, as 80 percent of clients were blonde as a child and have gotten darker through the years. Not only do they want to be Lighter — as they were as a child — as we age, we prefer the “softness” that lighter hair gives us.

Highlighting can be very subtle or very heavy, depending on the technique, and the color products used. Balyage is more a sun-kissed look. Usually deeper at the scalp and working to lighter shades on the ends. Balyage doesn’t require the upkeep that some highlighted hair requires. A thorough consultation with the professional stylist will help you decide.

I’ve been using box color for years. How can I change my hair color and go lighter?
Seek out an experienced hair colorist for this task. When one is removing dye deposit from the hair, it can be a tricky process that only an experienced hair colorist should attempt.

What is an American Board Certified Hair Colorist?

Certification of hair colorists has long been a vision of many professionals in the beauty industry. The goal is to establish a standard by which to judge the company and to acknowledge the level of excellence achieved in hair color. An American Board Certified hair colorist has passed a stringent exam given by a committee of their peers. You can feel confident putting yourself in their hands. For more information or to schedule an appointment, contact Nancy Vinger at 563-391-4040. Salon Integrity is located at 700 East 53rd Street, Suite 3, Davenport, IA. www.nancyvingermastercolorist.com.

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