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Agape Love


By Holly Schilling and Mary Huebbe, Ridgecrest Village

February is the month when our thoughts turn to love. There are several Greek words all interpreted as love in the English language. The intimate love between couples comes from the word “Eros,” a root from which we get the word “erotic.” “Philos” is a friendship love or bond between equals. “Storge” is affection as the one between parents and a child. Lastly, there is “agape,” which is a spiritual, sacrificial, and selfless love one definition calls a “model for humanity.”

Seniors often need to feel this kind of love from their family. In this day and age, families are so spread out and the time spent together is not enough to fill this gap. If you have an elder parent or grandparent, they are most likely resistant to moving to an independent or assisted living community. If any of you remember what senior living choices were like 30-40 years ago, that fear is understandable. This fear tends to keep them isolated and alone. If you can spend some time with your elder family members and tour one of the assisted or independent living facilities in your area, that may help ease the transition for them. Once they are settled they usually thrive and cannot imagine living anywhere else.

Ridgecrest Village hosts many activities, inviting the outside community to experience this for themselves. We also have private tours, which include lunch or dinner. Please give Bob, Mary, or Diana a call at 563-391-3430 and set up a time to come enjoy the world of Ridgecrest. See for yourself what agape love really means.

Photo credit: peepo/iStock