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Accentuating Your Haircut With Hair Color


By Nancy Vinger, American Board-Certified Hair Colorist, Salon Integrity

Have you ever tried to correct a facial/body feature with a flattering haircut or a style of clothing? By taking that haircut one step further — using color to create an illusion — it will help balance out your facial features. Adding lightness to the top of the head will create elongation for a round or square jawline; and adding that same lightness to the sides of the head will create width to an elongated face.
Creating illusions is not a new thing. We have done it for centuries with cosmetics. Seek the advice of an American Board-Certified hair colorist to see what changes could be made for you.

FAQ Answered by Nancy

Why can’t I have hair color that isn’t so solid and stark?
Natural hair color typically has many hues of color in it. Just as a child, there are many colors of strands within the same head. That can be achieved by weaving in many different shades throughout the head. Seek a professional’s advice for this.

I’m having a difficult time covering my gray. Should I just stop having it colored?

Covering gray can be difficult, but it is not impossible. The key to covering gray is in the formulation of the color. Many factors need to be taken into consideration, such as the amount of gray you are trying to cover, the density of the hair, the lightness/darkness, and, sometimes even medications will have an effect. An American Board-Certified Hair colorist has the experience and knowledge to color tackle this problem.

I’ve been coloring my hair at home for years. Why can’t I get a natural, rich look to my hair color?

It is impossible to get rich coverage when purchasing over the counter hair color. It’s not that it won’t color your hair — it’s because there are many factors one has to take into consideration when selecting a formula to create your desired result. One bottle you purchased doesn’t take this into account. Hair color is an art.

Why shouldn’t I keep my summer blonde look for the fall and winter?
Typically, you will notice that wardrobe colors will deepen for the fall and winter, and lighten for the spring and summer. This is why we tend to add depth to hair in the fall. One doesn’t have to eliminate the all-over blonde, but it is advised by most colorists to add an additional tone that will “break up” the starkness of your summer blonde look. Darker browns tend to go warmer, either by adding warmth to the formula, or adding a few warmer highlights. This makes your skin tone look alive in those months that we have less sun adding a little color to our skin.

What is an American Board-Certified hair colorist?
Certification of hair colorists has long been a vision of many professionals in the beauty industry. The goal is to establish a standard by which to judge a hair colorist, and to acknowledge the level of excellence achieved in hair color. American Board-Certified hair colorists have passed a stringent exam given by a committee of their peers. You can feel confident putting yourself in their hands.

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