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A Time of “Life Review”


Submitted by Karen McCoy, Marketing Consultant, Ridgecrest Village

There comes a time that most everyone goes through a “life review.” This happens whether we are engaged in a relatively comfortable aging process or a difficult one. This is a time of reflection upon the successes and failures of our life.

This life review may make us want to change every aspect of our current situation. We may want to tie up any remaining “loose ends.” We may feel it is time to make our lives easier so that we can enjoy every day to the fullest. Perhaps it is time to make the time we spend with our loved ones quality time; time to share our life stories. We may want to take up that hobby or read that book we have always wanted.

This life review is a time of questioning: are there things left undone or unsaid that I need to tend to now? Do I have any regrets? Are there things I failed to do? Did I do life the way I should have? What can be done now, given the constraints of age and health? What do I hope I have passed down to my children, grandchildren, and the other people whose lives I have touched one way or another? It’s never too late to make changes. Sometimes, it’s just a change in our attitude that can bring peace to our life. That peace may give you the knowledge that you have done the best you could.

The older we are the more loss; we have suffered: the loss of loved ones and of ourselves and our abilities. I encourage people to stay open to the fullness of experience, whether sorrowful or joyful, and the wisdom that is yet come to them, for through those deeply felt experiences, their life will be changed and made richer — if they allow it to be.

Following is an article written by one of our residents and published in our weekly newsletter, she is speaking from her experience. Perhaps some can relate to it.

Muses from the Arcade Café

By Marjaleen Soehl

At this stage of life, when I stop to think about how and when did I notice signs of my aging, I thought it would be interesting to jot down some of the signs. Now, I realize it was a definite process.

My early sign was the change in activities. I developed a joy in bird watching which I never seemed to have time for. I noticed instead of biking I took up slow walking. I certainly didn’t plan long hikes anymore.

Also I noticed a decided friendship was developing between my recliner and me.

My attitude changed toward living in a retirement facility and later my attitude toward “assisted living” changed.

I was thrilled to find out that to “twiddle my thumbs,” counted as an exercise here in “assisted living” as we did it every day in exercise class. Also, that my exercise program all could be done from a sitting position.
When jobs needed to be done in my apartment I found I often used the phrase, “Oh, there’s always mañana.”

I also noticed I’ve acquired and accumulated special equipment like, a cane, a walker, and a scooter. Actually, I have two canes and two different types of walkers. It gives me a feeling of security to have a spare.

I am not even going to mention the physical ailments that have played a big part in this sign-of-aging process. That’s just a given.

However, through this whole process, I had many joys, and at this stage — still have them! Praise the Lord!!

Perhaps Ridgecrest is a place to come so you can take the worries of your home and live a life that would be filled with new experiences and new friends, a place to think about your “life review” and begin tackling some of those things still left undone.

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