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A Remarkable Life


Submitted by Beacon of Hope Hospice

“Sorry, honey, I
didn’t know you had a headache.” We burst out laughing as we learned
the title of the incredible painting of a pair of life-like lions. One
of the privileges of being a part of the Beacon of Hope Hospice family
is the opportunity to come to know some amazing individuals. In our
search for art contributions for our 2014 Calendar, we were introduced
to the art and life of Mrs. Beverly Lamphier, a remarkable and gifted
woman residing at Bickford Cottage.

Beverly was born 94 years ago in
Peekskill, NY.  As the only girl between an older and younger brother,
Beverly gained a tenacity and strength that have been sustained
throughout her long and productive life. She loved to draw and paint
from an early age, using a wide range of subjects. However, when she
attended college, she studied to become a teacher. At a time when
pregnant women were not allowed to attend mainstream high school
classes, Beverly chose to use her education to provide these girls with
an opportunity for education.
On July 4, 1946, Beverly married Ross
Lamphier, the love of her life.  As she raised their two children, she
took a break from painting. 

However, as the children grew older, she
again resumed her favorite pastime, using her paintings to decorate
their own home or give as gifts to family and friends. Beverly and Ross
were married for 55 years before he passed away.  At that time she began
to focus on her artistic gifts.
With no formal artistic education,
her stunning talent for painting enriches the lives of those around her,
providing a lasting legacy for her three grandchildren. Her
contributions greatly enhanced the quality of the Beacon of Hope 2014
Calendar. On Sept. 27, 2013, Bickford Cottage displayed numerous
paintings and drawings, and celebrated her beautiful art and her dynamic
and creative life. Beacon of Hope is privileged to have the opportunity
to include some of her creations in the calendar, and to come to know
and be blessed by the warmth and generosity that she has displayed in
her life.

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