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A Recipe for Love



By Mary Huebbe, Marketing Director, Ridgecrest Village

While celebrating our 50th anniversary, we decided to make a cookbook going back to recipes from some of our first residents and staff to today’s residents and staff. It was fun putting it together. I was given a copy of the first cookbook they ever made from a staff member that has worked at Ridgecrest Village since she was a teenager. Some of our recipes came from new residents and new staff, but the main thing I received from all of them was the stories and the love they shared when they talked about where they got the recipes.

A few years ago, a couple moved into Ridgecrest; their health wasn’t the greatest at the time, but after they moved in, I saw so much improvement. They became so active and involved; it was as if they were given a second life. Unfortunately, about a year ago, he passed away. Thanks to the friendships they made while they were together, she was given a lot of support and love. This was a couple that everyone admired; their love for each other was so special and true, and anyone who met them wanted to get close to them so they could share in their blessings. When I announced I was doing the cookbook, she brought me his personal cookbook and told me I could use anything I wanted to out of it. I decided not to tell anyone whose recipes they were and have a committee go through it and pick out recipes. Many were chosen, and everyone was curious as to whose recipes they were. After choosing, I told them. Staff and residents both smiled with pleasant memories of him.

When going through the old cookbook with the committee, one person came up to me after our meeting and wanted to share a story about one of the recipes. She knew the person, Gert, who had submitted the recipe because she was a good friend with her parents. The first time she tried this dessert, she had asked Gert for the recipe, but she wouldn’t share; it was a family secret. She talked about how this recipe was everyone’s favorite, and they always wanted her to bring it to their social gatherings. Gert eventually got tired of making the same thing over and over, and she finally shared the recipe so others could make it themselves. So many of her social meetings were at Ridgecrest. She thought if she submitted it and let people have it, she could make other things. My source also stated that that didn’t work for Gert—she was still asked to make it.

Dorothy submitted my favorite recipe. She submitted “A Happy Home,” which is on the next page.

The true recipe for love that I’ve found is giving love. When you give honest love to people, they give it back to you in return. Our family at Ridgecrest Village has all the ingredients for true love! We invite you to come see our loving community. Just call Mary or Karen at
563-391-3430, and we will show you what God has blessed us with.

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