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2nd Annual Integrative Lifestyle Forum “The Journey to Wellness”


By Natalie Linville-Mass, Media Link, Inc.

Mandala Integrative Medicine will host the 2nd Annual Integrative Lifestyle Forum (ILF). This second anniversary is being celebrated with your choice of two options for attendance on Saturday, January 6th from 8:30am to 12pm or 12:30pm to 4pm. This will be held at the Radisson Hotel in downtown Davenport, Iowa. There will also be a silent auction from 8:15am to 8:50am. Proceeds will go to LIVEFIT WITH LUPUS. This is a Quad Cities-based non-profit, 501c3 approved organization formed to provide awareness for autoimmune diseases. LIVEFIT WITH LUPUS offers nutritional counseling, specialty physician resources, beauty wellness, fitness education, businesses within the business, youth-to-senior activities, psychology, and emotional support.

The Integrated Lifestyle Forum will bring information to the public in an engaging, interactive format. This event series is the first of its kind and is right here in the Quad Cities. Start the new year off right by learning about the preventative power of proper nutrition with this event that has something for anyone wanting to improve their overall health. Learn how to shift your mindset to create an attainable and healthy lifestyle for yourself!

The Integrative Lifestyle Forum will be a high-energy, supportive environment for all. There will be interactive and participatory demonstrations, mindfulness techniques, inspiring breakout sessions, healthy snacks, and lots of movement. This extraordinary event will feature the nationally recognized speakers Dr. Sayed A. Shah, MD, Jay Jacobs, and Brooke Lemke. Participants will learn how to take active control of their everyday health, create attainable goals, and gain insight on how to begin or improve their quest for a balanced life. Participants will also get to know the many local integrative health businesses in the Quad Cities.

Dr. Sayed A Shah, MD, co-founder of Mandala Integrative Medicine, is a leading gut health expert and medical doctor with world-class expertise in functional medicine. His personal journey with Integrative Medicine started when his son was diagnosed with autism. By using Integrative Medicine practices, he has been able to overcome many of the challenges his son faced. Integrative Medicine is personalized medicine focused on dealing with the root cause of a disease instead of just treating symptoms. “What I love about my job is the opportunity to solve complex medical problems that have baffled other doctors. Identifying symptoms, risk factors, and emotional triggers can reveal what truly is at the heart of a patient’s health. This requires a careful analysis of factors that lead to the understanding of root causes. If your hormones and gut microbiota is out of balance, this will have a direct impact on your mood, energy levels, immunity, digestion, ability to lose weight, and sleep,” Dr. Shah says.

Jay Jacobs, former contestant on Biggest Loser’s Season 11, lost an amazing 181 pounds in 8 months as a contestant with his daughter, Jennifer, on the NBC hit show. He was one of the Final 4 at the Season 11 finale. Jay explains, “When you stand in front of 15 million people every week, you can’t make excuses… Honesty is the root of real weight loss.” Since then, Jay has become a health and wellness ambassador. He has appeared on TV and radio programs such as Today, Good Morning America, and Fox & Friends. He has also appeared in Time, The New York Times, and Readers Digest. Jay’s journey and message inspires individuals to embrace healthier lifestyles. Jay’s personal journey motivates others to tackle their own health challenges and live the rest of their lives as the best of their lives! Jay is a keynote speaker member of the well renowned Goodman Speakers Bureau (other speakers in this bureau include Barbara Walters, Celebrity Chef Kat Kora, and Olympian Gold Medalist Mitch Gaylord). When Jay’s not inspiring others through his speaking engagements, he is an active managing partner of Shurn Group: Wellness Matters, his family-owned, health and wellness branding and marketing firm.

Brooke Lemke, Certified Hypnotherapist with Genesis Health System, entered in the field of hypnotherapy after deciding to utilize hypnotherapy to help her manage the chronic pain she suffered from for 16 years. After just three sessions with her mentor, Brooke has been chronic pain-free for over three years! Brooke says, “I turned to hypnotherapy to manage over 16 years of chronic abdominal pain and found success with hypnotherapy after a few sessions. It was because of this success that I have dedicated my life as a hypnotherapist as a way to help others live a quality life!” Brooke graduated from America’s first accredited college of hypnotherapy, Hypnosis Motivation Institute, College of Hypnotherapy (HMI) in Tarzana, California in September 2014. She is currently the first on-staff certified hypnotherapist for a healthcare system in the state of Iowa at Genesis Health System. She also has own her practice in Bettendorf, Brooke Lemke Hypnosis, where she treats local clients as well as past clients remotely in California. With her practice, as well as her web-series (Hypnotic Talk), and her position at Genesis along with her eclectic background, Brooke is a skilled professional with diverse experiences. This enables her to help more people and larger audiences unlock their subconscious in order to discover a lifetime of success! Brooke is also currently in the process of writing her first two books.

General admission is $35 per person and includes light snacks. A block of rooms have been set aside at the Radisson for out-of-town attendees. You can purchase your tickets at integrativelifestyleforum.com.

For more information, contact, Natalie Linville-Mass at 309-786-5142 or email natalie@medialinkinc.com.