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20/20 Vision for the New Year


By Mervet Adams, Health Alliance

Happy New Year to all! I think this year is going to be kind of fun as we set our sights on new adventures and keep an eye on our health and well-being! 

For the past few years, I’ve steered clear from New Year’s resolutions and have tried to find new ways to view what’s ahead. This year, I decided to create a vision board! There is no better time than 2020, right? Some of you may be wondering what a vision board is, how it works, and how it can make a person happy.

A vision board is a collage of pictures and/or words that represent the life you want to live. It could be what you are hoping for, certain things you want to focus on for your future, or just the things that make you happy! It can have as many or as few representations as you want. It’s up to you. What matters is that you are the one creating it, and every time you see it, it’s a reminder that you are unique and that what inspires you doesn’t need anyone else’s approval.

Visualization is one of the most powerful mind exercises you can do. It helps erase negative thoughts in a way and keeps your mind clear to let positive thoughts in.

I love creativity and being crafty, so for my vision board, I am getting a poster board and using scissors and glue the “old school” way. Of course, there are other ways, like a digital vision board, Pinterest, or other forms of social media. It’s up to the individual.

Once you’ve made your vision board, you can put it in a spot where you will see it most often. Throughout the day, you will end up doing brief visualization exercises, and believe it or not, what you focus on expands. Wouldn’t you rather think happy thoughts throughout your day and throughout the year?

So what does my vision board look like in 2020?
Just to give you a glimpse of what makes me happy, my vision board will have pictures of my family (to represent love), flowers, birds, waterfalls, and the sky (to represent nature and calmness), words that represent health (like energy, balance, and healing), and beads and baubles (just for fun to give my board more texture and dimension).

In this new year, visualize a happier you. Let’s have 20/20 vision in 2020 to clearly reach your dreams! What will your vision board look like?

Mervet Adams is a community liaison with Health Alliance. She loves her grandson, family, nature, and fashion. Like this article? Feel free to respond to Longview@healthalliance.org. Thanks for reading!