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Healthy Cells magazine is a local health publication that provides local health information to the readers and provides advertisers a vehicle to get pertinent health information to their prospective clients or patients. This niche publication provides health information dealing with physical, emotional and nutritional needs. Much, but not all of the content is provided by local professionals. Readers can find information about local healthcare and then seek services from the trusted professionals that submit articles. Healthy Cells Magazine is a stand-alone monthly publication that is available FREE in high traffic locations throughout the East Valley area, including medical facilities and other waiting rooms.

For more information about the Valley of the Sun edition, contact Monica Tegg, Owner, at [email protected]

Healthy Cells Magazine is intended to heighten awareness of health and fitness information and does not suggest diagnosis or treatment. This information is not a substitute for medical attention. See your healthcare professional for medical advice and treatment. The opinions, statements, and claims expressed by the columnists, advertisers, and contributors to Healthy Cells Magazine are not necessarily those of the editors or publisher.

Healthy Cells Magazine
welcomes contributions pertaining to healthier living in the Valley of the Sun area. LimeLight Communications, Inc. assumes no responsibility for their publication or return. Solicitations for articles shall pertain to physical, emotional, and nutritional health only.

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