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Healthy Cells Magazine is a local health publication that provides local health information to the readers and provides advertisers a vehicle to get pertinent health information to their prospective clients or patients. First started in Peoria, IL in 1999, the magazine gained popularity and soon started to expand into other locales. Now serving 3 communities, this niche publication provides health information dealing with physical, emotional, and nutritional needs. Readers can find information submitted by their local healthcare professionals and then seek services from them in their respective areas. Healthy Cells Magazine’s objective is to promote a stronger health-conscious community by means of offering education and support through cooperative efforts among esteemed health and fitness professionals in local communities.

Healthy Cells Magazine is direct mailed each month and is also available FREE in high-traffic locations throughout each local community, including medical facilities and other waiting rooms. Look for a free printed copy in each specific community OR to make sure you don’t miss a copy, subscribe and receive your issue by the U.S. Post Office free of charge each month.