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Fibroids and Polyps: What Women Should Know

Submitted by Advanced Women’s Healthcare Women might be surprised to know that most of them will develop fibroids or polyps as a health issue sometime in their lives. In fact, studies show that 70 percent of white women and 80 percent of African-American women will develop fibroids by the time they are 50. Although these […]

Facing Reconstructive Surgery

By Becky Wiese Katie is a unique case. Diagnosed with Stage IIIB breast cancer at the age of 28, she elected to have a double mastectomy as a proactive measure. She also knew from the start — in large part due to her age — that she would have reconstructive surgery. After undergoing chemotherapy for […]

Is Menopausal Hormone Therapy Right for You?

Submitted by Advanced Women’s Healthcare About 80 percent of women will experience hot flashes as they approach menopause. If you have never experienced a hot flash or aren’t sure what it feels like, you will know it when it happens! A hot flash may last only a few minutes, or as long as 30! After […]

Rejuvenation With MonaLisa Touch®

By Vanessa Cameron DO, FACOG & Karen Collins, MS, CNM, WHNP, FNP, DNP As the female body endures the physical challenges of childbearing and the postpartum period as well as hormonal shifts with aging and menopause, women can experience frustrating changes in the genital tract that have profound effects on their life. Many women suffer […]

Breast Reconstruction Katie’s Story

By Becky Wiese Being diagnosed with breast cancer at the age of 28 was not on Katie’s radar. In fact, in May of 2011, she and her husband were facing questions caused by infertility when Katie found a lump in her right breast. A visit to her obstetrician resulted in a sonogram that showed no […]

Preparing for Your Mammogram

Submitted by Genesis Imaging Centers Every October, communities across the country spread awareness of breast cancer, supporting the survivors and those battling the disease. We also focus on proactive and preventive care, like screening mammograms, and the role this crucial imaging exam has in the diagnosis of breast cancer. Why many chose 3D mammography Mammography […]

All Breasts Are Not the Same

By Jeni Nenne, RT (R)(CV), OSF HealthCare St. Joseph Medical Center A recent U.S. study reveals that four in 10 cases of breast cancer in younger women can be blamed on high breast density. The results show that breast density is a much more important breast cancer risk factor to be aware of than a […]

Would You Know What Questions to Ask?

By Lisa Lowry MSN, RN, Breast Health Navigator at the Community Cancer Center Mixed with the yellow, red, and orange leaves of the beautiful fall season, consumers will be seeing pink. You won’t be able to miss all the pink merchandise on the store shelves this October as part of Breast Cancer Awareness Month. While […]

Innovative Treatments for Diabetic and Other Forms of Neuropathy

By Cortese Foot and Ankle Clinic We are lucky to be living at a time when new treatments for medical conditions are being introduced at a rapid pace. Many medical problems that had few solutions several years ago can now be treated with excellent results. Such is the case with peripheral neuropathy. What is peripheral […]

Menopause Is a Journey

Submitted by Advanced Women’s Healthcare Going through menopause is a little like driving on an unfamiliar, twisting road with an unclear destination. You may not be sure of all that is happening, where you are going, or what’s coming next. In fact, you won’t realize you have reached your destination (menopause) until you are past […]