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Being a Quitter Can Be a Good Thing!

It’s no secret that quitting smoking has almost endless benefits, and there’s no doubt that it can be very difficult to quit, as well. If you are considering quitting, I am hopeful that this will help you gain some insight as to those benefits and empower you to make a lifetime choice to quit for […]

Preventing Pneumonia

By Stacey Boyd, MSN, RN Director of Nursing, Welbrook at Bloomington According to the American Lung Association, each year there are over a million hospitalizations and more than 50,000 deaths that occur from pneumonia. Education of prevention and early detection of pneumonia are important to reduce these statistics. What is pneumonia? Pneumonia is an infection […]

Is Poor Sleep Putting You at Risk?

Submitted by Koala Center for Sleep Disorders I had suffered from daytime fatigue and snoring for years. I would struggle to stay awake at work, and sometimes I found myself falling asleep while driving as well,” says Doug, a patient at the Koala Center for Sleep Disorders. It’s a familiar story. Most of us can […]

Is Poor Sleep Putting You At Risk?

Submitted by the Koala Center for Sleep and TMJ Disorders It’s a familiar story. Most of us can relate to feeling sluggish at work or even on the road. The truth is that Americans do not sleep enough, but we often fail to consider the potential consequences of our sleeplessness. According to the National Sleep […]

Nothing Is More Important Than Taking the Next Breath

Submitted by MyoTech Integrative Health Center Isn’t it strange how most people think that everything else is more important than breathing? People spend hundreds and thousands of dollars on all aspects of health, beauty, clothes, motor cars, holidays, and food and never for one moment think that their breathing might also appreciate a little love […]

When Restless Becomes Routine The Relationship Between Sleep and Mental Health

By J. Todd Gray, DDS, Koala Center for Sleep Disorders Think about the last time you felt sleepy during the day. Did you find it harder to accomplish normal tasks? Did even ordinary problems overwhelm you more than usual? While it is common knowledge that lack of sleep can impact physical wellbeing, it also impacts […]

In Search of a Better Night’s Sleep

Submitted by Koala Center for Sleep Disorders The return of Daylight Saving Time has many focused on sleep. While friends and coworkers bemoan their lost hour of rest, leading sleep advocacy groups seek to draw our attention to the larger issue at hand: Americans need not only more sleep but better sleep. One such group, […]