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History and Advancements for Colorblindness

By Charlene Lingenfelter, OSC In 1803, John Dalton was the first scientist to take academic interest in the subject of colorblindness. His interest stemmed from him and his brother being colorblind. John Dalton postulated that shortage in the color perception was caused by discoloration of the liquid medium of the eyeball called aqueous humor. According to his […]

Keep an Eye on Your Eyes

The eyes are more than windows to the soul. With advances in eye health technology, they can also give a unique look into your health. “The eye is a real window into what’s happening in your body,” says NIH eye health expert Dr. Houmam Araj. It’s a convenient way for a doctor to get a […]

Diabetes Affects Your Vision Too!

Submitted by Eye Surgical Associates Many people are surprised by the ways diabetes affects overall health. Heart disease and nerve damage are two of the more serious complications that can result from either type 1 or type 2 diabetes. But did you know that diabetes can also wreak havoc on your eyes? Diabetic retinopathy is […]

“Why Do I Cry All the Time?”

By Heather Hasty, COA, OSC, Bond Eye Associates Over 300 million people worldwide suffer from dry eye syndrome. Dry eye syndrome is a common and often chronic condition and, until recently, was widely under-diagnosed. Dry eye syndrome is defined as a condition that is caused by a lack of sufficient lubrication and moisture on the […]

Clear Vision and Clearer Understanding of Refractive Errors

By Martha Fisher, OSC, COT, Bond Eye Associates For us to see clearly, light rays must travel through the cornea and the lens of the eye to focus on the retina. The retina converts the light into electrical signals and sends them along the optic nerve to the brain, where they are interpreted as images. […]

What Do Your Eyes Say About You?

By Julie Payne, Eye Surgical Associates Your eyes tell a lot about you. They show emotion, your level of interest or understanding and unfortunately, they show age. As we age, the tone and shape of our eyelids can loosen and sag. Heredity and sun exposure also contribute to this process. This excess, puffy, or lax skin […]

Healthy Vision After 65

By Roger C. Croland, OD You should have seen your eye doctor around age three and again as you were entering school. If you needed glasses, then you would have come back at least once every two years. Those who don’t need glasses many times forgo visiting their eye doctor unless they have a problem. […]

Unexpected Freedom

By Julie Payne, Eye Surgical Associates Chris Steffen is experiencing a wonderful new freedom that she did not think was possible. “I first got glasses in the third grade, and, over the years, my prescription just got progressively worse, especially the astigmatism,” Chris explained. For many years, she had inquired about LASIK surgery and had been […]

Why Is Blue Light Getting a Bad Reputation?

By Ivetta Daccache, OD, FAAO It’s back-to-school season and with that comes Children’s Eye Health and Safety Month! The stores’ shelves are filled with all the latest and greatest school supplies. Digital devices such as smartphones, tablets, and computers are becoming more commonly included on that list, even with young children. Time reported in their […]

Polarized Sunglasses Are Sunscreen for Your Eyes

By Teresa L. Sebelist, Bond Eye Associates From models on the runway to fishermen on the lake, sunglasses have become a big part of life for many people. In the beginning, they were only available to professionals who needed eye protection for specific tasks. Over the years, they have transitioned into more than just eye protection […]