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Power Through Your Day With Protein

By Dawn Blocklinger, RD, LDN, Hy-Vee Dietitian A typical day often includes a carb-heavy breakfast, a sandwich or salad at lunch, and an overly large serving of meat and protein for dinner. The majority of us tend to eat a lot of our protein during our evening meals instead of getting 25 to 30 grams […]

More Excuses to Eat Chocolate

By Benjamin Goodin Exempting a few people who have chocolate allergies, therefore a legitimate explanation, I’ve only met one human being who actively dislikes chocolate. I’ve met a few other sub-humans who don’t really care much for it, but even they can be seduced into eating it in the right forms. It seems an almost […]

Eating on a Budget – The Three P’s

Information provided by the USDA Plan Plan meals and snacks for the week according to an established budget. Find quick and easy recipes online. Include meals that will “stretch” expensive food items (stews, casseroles, stir-fried dishes). Make a grocery list. Check for sales and coupons in the local paper or online, and consider discount stores. […]