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January 2013
Ooh La La Spa, Anti-Aging, and Wellness
Health, Wellness, and Beauty Inside and Out

Submitted by Ooh La La Spa, Anti-Aging and Wellness

     From the moment one steps out of their car and walks past the beautiful fountain with the calming sound of the running water of a bubbling brook, relaxation begins taking place. Once inside, greetings from the knowledgeable, friendly staff begin the transformation that will occur when you visit Ooh La La Spa. Walking past the Make-up, skin care displays, and the coffee bar, visitors are whisked back to the “Relaxation Room” where ice-cold bottled water or coffee is offered while soft, soothing music is playing. Here patients can decompress and unwind from the everyday stresses of life while waiting for their services to begin. This area is just one of several beautifully decorated rooms in over 12,000 square feet of expansive space. Each upscale room has its own unique personality. Patients come for anti-aging techniques, relaxation, pain relief, hormone balance, stress management, weight loss, personal training, and for help with smoking cessation. Ooh La La has something for everyone!

What is Ooh La La?
     Ooh La La Spa, Anti-Aging and Wellness is thought of as the Metro East’s Premier Medical Spa because it is an all-inclusive destination for Aesthetic Medicine, Laser Therapy, Health and Wellness Programs, Chiropractic Care, and Day Spa. Certain spas may offer some of these services, but not all under one roof. The majority of spas do not have medical professionals such as physicians, chiropractors, or nurse practitioners on staff.  This is what makes Ooh La La so unique. Patients can feel confident knowing they are being taken care of by professionals, while being pampered, relieving stress, and relaxing all at the same time. Patients leave the spa looking and feeling more beautiful, healthier, and feeling great inside and out.

Who is Ooh La La?
     Kristen M. Jacobs, MD, is the Medical Director and Founder of Ooh La La.  Dr. Jacobs has been performing anti-aging treatments for years in this area, but now she is offering so much more. She is the mastermind behind the medical spa concept that incorporates the health and wellness care. This past June, Dr. Jacobs moved her growing practice into a much larger building. Along with that growth, she also added medical staff.  Robert Wise, Doctor of Chiropractic, has since joined the business. This is exciting because not only does he bring 15 years of experience running a wellness practice, he is also Dr. Jacobs’ husband! Rounding out the medical staff is Sarah Pringle, Certified Nurse Practitioner with a Masters of Science in Nursing. Sarah specializes in Women’s Health and has a passion to help women get healthy and find hormonal balance at all stages of their lives.  Completing the staff are Registered Nurses, Aestheticians, Laser Specialists, Massage Therapists, Treatments Specialists, and Patient Coordinators to help make patient visits comfortable while offering exceptional patient care and outstanding results.

     Dr. Jacobs specializes in making her patients look and feel beautiful inside and out. She has a true passion for helping people lead a healthy lifestyle and look their very best while doing it. The Botox and dermal fillers are performed by Dr. Jacobs herself.  Her philosophy on treatment is, “less is more with a natural, refreshed look being the goal.” Dr. Jacobs has extensive knowledge, advanced training, and uses an artistic approach to produce natural looking results that patients love.  Patients come from all over the Metro East, St. Louis area and even as far as the state of Texas to experience the expertise that she offers. One patient from Texas explained she travels to the Metro East area for her job and always makes sure she schedules her “Ooh La La appointment” while she is here. She said, “We have plenty of spas where I’m from, but no one puts the thought and their heart into what they do like Dr. Jacobs! She makes me look great without looking overdone.” That is exactly Dr. Jacobs’ philosophy. She wants everyone to think her patients look fantastic while they are trying to figure out what is different about them.  “Everyone will notice, but no one will know!” Dr. Jacobs says.

Pain Relief

     As a Chiropractor and a Certified Personal Trainer, Dr. Wise can help patients with fast pain relief from back and neck pain from car accidents, sports, and work injuries. He combines chiropractic adjustments with acupuncture, physical therapy, and stretching to treat the underlying cause of the problem, and not just the symptoms. Dr. Wise believes that all of these modalities work together and that one must work to make weak muscles stronger to help the body actually correct problems.  One of the techniques he uses is unweighting or partial weight bearing therapy with the treadmill to help support the body while walking. It improves balance and posture while retraining and strengthening the muscles involved. This is great for back, hip, and leg pain to take the pressure off these areas so that patients can get their workout completed without the pain. It also helps with range of motion and flexibility during the rehabilitation process. This, along with chiropractic adjustments, and acupuncture combined can really help speed up the healing process.

     Dr. Wise can assist with learning how to eat a clean and healthy diet. One of the ways he can help with unhealthy eating habits is with Auriculotherapy, which is No Needle Acupuncture. This can work for cutting cravings for salty junk foods or sweet foods such as chocolate. This method can also help smokers break their unhealthy habit by reducing craving for nicotine.  He can teach patients how to exercise properly while making workouts effective in the quickest amount of time. He wants it to be easy to fit in to his patients’ schedules, so they will stick with their program.   See Dr. Wise to learn how to be healthy in this busy, crazy, hectic world we live in.

Individualized Natural Bioidentical Hormone Replacement

     Sarah’s mission is to help women with pre- and post-menopausal issues by using natural Bioidentical Hormone Therapy. She comprehensively evaluates women by administering saliva testing to find out if their hormones are balanced. Not only are there no needles but saliva testing is less expensive than blood testing. Since samples are collected four times a day, the hormone levels are more accurate.  Sarah uses this method of testing because it actually measures active hormone levels. Estrogen, progesterone, testosterone, DHEA, and cortisol can all be tested for a complete panel. Hot flashes, memory loss, mood swings, and anxiety could be a sign that your hormones are not in harmony.   Hormonal imbalance can also lead to estrogen dominance causing heavy bleeding, migraines, bone loss, ovarian cysts, low thyroid, and weight gain. Also, adrenal dysfunction can occur due to an imbalance of hormones causing fatigue, insomnia, depression, weight gain, and low libido. These problems can be managed by balancing hormone levels. Sarah can help patients find just the right prescription of natural bioidentical hormones, which means that the hormones will be chemically identical to those our own body produces. Each and every prescription will be tailored to meet individual needs based on saliva testing results.

Health and Beauty
     Sarah also specializes in Weight Management and Laser Treatments. Sarah and Dr. Wise can work with patients to help them make lifestyle changes for a healthier life. They offer nutritional supplements tailored to fit individual needs as well as tips on the importance of proper diet, eating whole nutritional foods, and exercise. They help their patients live a balanced life full of joy and energy.

How does Ooh La La treat aging, pain, imbalances, and stress?
     This is accomplished with a team approach at Ooh La La. The three medical professionals work together to give patients the absolute best and most comprehensive care. The medical staff works together to decide the most effective treatment plan for each patient. There is no “typical” treatment because each plan is individualized to exactly what each patient needs and customized just for them.

     It’s easy to see that Ooh La La offers services galore! There is everything one needs to look beautiful from head to toe and feel great emotionally and physically! It doesn’t matter what an individual’s treatment goals are. Whether it is younger skin, weight loss, pain relief, stress reduction, or simply some much needed pampering, Ooh La La can help patients meet their goals.  Some people need help setting their goals and the professionals there can help with that too!  They can help patients find the right plan to lead them in the right direction toward beauty, health, and wellness.
     Come in and see what the buzz is all about. There are always special events going on at Ooh La La.  Check out their facebook page for these fun events, amazing specials, to find out about informational sessions on weight loss, hormone balance, health and wellness programs, and more! Consultations are always complimentary, so call and set one up to get on the road to looking and feeling better right away. Make 2013 a fabulous year! Form good habits early and make it the best year yet!

     To get your face and body looking great and to start feeling your best, contact Ooh La La Spa, Anti-Aging, and Wellness at 618-288-9117 for a complimentary consultation. For more information, visit the website at


With an A to Z APPROACH

  • Acupuncture: Non-invasive treatment that promotes natural healing
  • Auriculotherapy: No needle acupuncture
  • Botox®: Prescription injection for moderate to severe frown lines
  • Chemical Peels: Removes dead skin to show newer, fresher looking skin
  • Chiropractic Care: Adjustments, physical therapy, wellness programs, and more
  • Clarisonic®: Complete facial cleansing system
  • Collagen Stimulation: Treatment of wrinkles, large pores, skin texture, and redness
  • CoolSculpt® Body Contouring: Non-surgical body contouring treatment (freeze away fat)
  • Dermal Fillers: Restores fullness to smooth out signs of aging
  • Dermaplaning: Skin rejuvenation to make skin feel smoother, appear healthier, and more youthful
  • Face and Body Waxing
  • Facials
  • HcG Weight Management
  • Laser Hair Removal
  • Laser Skin Rejuvenation: Removes fine lines, wrinkles, redness, and  smooths out uneven texture
  • Laser Vein Removal
  • Lash Extensions
  • Latisse: Prescription longer, fuller eyelash treatment
  • Massage Therapy
  • Microcurrent Skin Tightening
  • Microdermabrasion Exfoliates for smoother, younger looking skin
  • Mineral Makeup: Airless good for your skin make-up
  • Natural Bioidentical Hormone Replacement:  Compounded hormones identical to those our body produces
  • Nutritional Counseling
  • Permanent Makeup
  • Red and Brown Pigmentation Reduction: Limelight Treatment
  • Skin Care: Medical grade Skin Medica and Obagi
  • Spray Tanning
  • Tightening and Resurfacing Titan and Pearl Lasers
  • Va Va Voom Services: Come and get your make-up and hair done for special occasions! We can do up-dos too!
  • Women’s Health: Natural Bioidentical hormones, nutritional supplements, weight loss programs
  • Zzzzzz’s: Learn how to get proper restful sleep by balancing hormones!


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