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Holistic Alternatives, LLC

Posted on 28/03/14
Holistic Alternatives, LLC
2435 Kimberly Rd

At Holistic Alternatives you will receive personalized holistic health services for your physical and emotional health needs.
Customize your wellness plan with a ZYTO Scan, which will determine your body’s preference for nutritional supplements and/or essential oils.

Nutritional therapy is addressed with Standard Process and MediHerb products. CARE certified for Raindrop and Emotional Release techniques.

Karen DeVault is the owner of Holistic Alternatives, LLC. She is a Registered Nurse, Board Certified Holistic Health Practitioner, and Certified Clinician in Whole Food Nutrition.

Karen is passionate about Nutritional Therapy, and exclusively uses Standard Process whole food concentrates, and Medi-Herb products to help meet the nutritional requirements of the body.

Over half of the adults in the US take vitamins and various supplements.  How do you know what you really need? You see, it’s not just about taking supplements; it’s about taking the right supplements. With the use of the ZYTO Select 5.0 Scan, we can determine your body’s preference for specific nutritional products. ZYTO will show your body’s stressors, and then determine which balancers (supplements) will help achieve balance to those stressors. You can choose particular categories of balancers based on your health goals, or disease struggles. The ZYTO helps us to choose the supplements you need, so you save money on those you don’t need.  The scan is an FDA Registered Class II Medical Device, and is safe for people of all ages, including infants, children, pregnant women, and people with pacemakers.

In addition to Nutritional Therapy, Holistic Alternatives also offers therapeutic techniques for the body and mind with the use of medicinal-grade Young Living Essential Oils (YLEO). Karen received training through the Center for Aromatherapy Research and Education (CARE), for Raindrop and Emotional Release Techniques.

If you feel stressed, have back issues, or want to address your immune system, then come and relax with a Raindrop Technique (RT). RT is a massage-type technique using 9 specific therapeutic-grade essential oils. These essential oils surround all the cells in your body within 20 minutes of application. They have the documented ability to oxygenate the cells, carry nutrients to the cells, and fight pathogens, to name just a few.

In addition to the physical aspect of essential oils, there is also an emotional component to the oils. Medical science has shown a direct link between the mind and physical body. Our thoughts and emotions carry energy; therefore they can positively or negatively affect our health. The therapeutic value of YLEO’s can tap into the part of our brain called the “seat of emotions”, releasing traumas that may have been stored in cellular memory for years. The oils used in an Emotional Release Technique (ERT) can be very effective in releasing negative emotions and their toxic effect on the body.  Since there is an emotional component to disease, addressing the health of the mind is a crucial part of health and healing.

Karen sees clients by appointment only, so please call (563)-340-5999, if you desire a holistic approach to health care.

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