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Dana and Associates

Posted on 15/04/16
Dana and Associates
1234 S. Power Rd. Suite 102

Dana and Associates is a premier Estate Planning and Asset Protection law firm, serving families throughout Arizona. We design custom legal plans to help you preserve your legacy by minimizing taxes and simplifying administration by avoiding probate. We also provide assistance with the administration that comes after the passing of a loved one. Whether there was a plan in place, or whether no planning done, we can help you.

We are committed to providing solutions to transfer assets from one generation to the next in the most efficient manner.

We do this in two ways: first, by designing your personal Family Legal Plan that preserves your legacy by minimizing taxes and avoiding probate and unnecessary administration. Secondly, we administer a legal plan or estate  after the death of a loved one. We handle this administration whether the loved one left a plan, or whether the estate is left with the default laws of intestacy. “Intestacy” is a legal term that means a person passed away without a last will and testament or other legal documents providing for the disposition of the estate. The government has provided a default list of who the beneficiaries are, and to whom the estate will go. This is referred to as the laws of intestacy. In cases of intestacy, we help families determine who the beneficiaries of the estate are and help them collect the assets of the estate in the most expeditious and efficient way possible. Sometimes this requires a probate or other filing with the court to transfer the assets.

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