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Acclarent, Inc. a Johnson and Johnson Company

Posted on 27/03/14
1525-B O'Brien Dr.
Menlo Park

Balloon Sinuplasty allows the physician to thread a tiny fiber optic wire into the sinus, which has a light on the end, which verifies correct placement.  A balloon then threads over the wire and is placed across the small sinus opening where it is inflated and widens the opening.  The balloon is removed and irrigation of the sinus can be done to clean the sinus.

Acclarent, a Johnson and Johnson Company, is dedicated to designing and manufacturing minimally invasive devices for the ENT market for the treatment of Sinusitis and Airway Stenosis.  The Balloon Sinuplasty devices for the treatment of Sinusitis has been used in over 280,000 patients, dilated over 825,000 sinuses and over 19,000 in-office procedures have been performed.   Acclarent is also on the forefront of R&D for additional therapies related to ENT.

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