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What Is a Vein Disorder? Submitted by Drs. Bohn, Nielsen, Castillo, Benson, and Wright, The Vein Specialists, LLC

  December 02, 2017
Vein problems are very common and have a wide range of symptoms. Symptoms can range from leg pain, leg swelling, to skin darkening and wound formation on your leg. Each symptom comes with its own set of problems and are all caused by the same medical condition.
The reason you have these symptoms is because of venous reflux (venous insufficiency). Venous reflux is a medical condition where blood within the veins no longer flows in one direction, against gravity, towards the heart. Venous reflux occurs when the one-way valves and vein walls become damaged or weakened, allowing blood to flow the reverse direction back towards the ankle and feet. Over time, this causes pressure to build within the veins, causing symptoms such as varicose veins, leg and ankle swelling, leg pain, night cramps, restless legs, and many other symptoms that can ultimately lead to skin breakdown, skin darkening, or ulcers/wounds on the legs. Venous reflux is a progressive disease that gets worse over time if left untreated.

Venous reflux accompanied by physical symptoms, such as leg pain or swelling, is a common medical condition. In fact, vein disease is two times more common than heart disease and five times more common than arterial disease. There are an estimated 50+ million Americans who suffer from venous reflux.

An estimated 40 percent of women and 20 percent of men will experience the symptoms of venous reflux if left untreated. Of these, 20 to 25 of women and 10 to 15 of men will have visible veins, including skin darkening, open leg wounds, spider veins, and varicose veins.
Not only are vein disorders under-diagnosed or misdiagnosed, but many patients suffering from venous reflux are often told there is nothing that can be done other than wearing compression stockings or even worse, vein stripping. Today, you no longer need to suffer from vein-related issues as they are very treatable.

Treatment options are minimally invasive, performed in-office, and typically take about 60 minutes. There is little to no down time after treatment as you are up and walking immediately after.

Scheduling an appointment at The Vein Specialists is the first step to treating your vein concerns. Each patient is different and treatment plans will depend on a comprehensive consultation with one of their doctors. To schedule a consultation, call their office at 309-862-4000, or contact them online at

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December 02, 2017

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