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Villas Total Rehab Your Five-Star Stop on the Road to Wellness

  May 08, 2017

As medical technology evolves and becomes more readily available, the number of affordable procedures that cause minimal discomfort rises. With more people than ever receiving elective and outpatient surgery, many are choosing to transition straight home from a short stay in a hospital. Even though shortened hospital stays are preferable to extended time away from the comforts of home, heading straight home after a procedure is, many times, exchanging comfort for complications.

Anyone recovering from a procedure, even those that seem as simple as an outpatient procedure, is in a weakened state. Those who have recently suffered a stroke, fall, congestive heart failure, or are recovering from a respiratory or cardiac procedure are at increased risk or further complications at home, away from knowledgeable medical staff. More difficult and prone to re-injury are those with newly replaced joints and those who had a recent orthopedic procedure.

Even though you may not feel unwell enough to require a hospital stay, don’t be fooled by feeling “relatively well” or “capable enough.” Similar to how the majority of automotive accidents happen within a mile of the home, we are prone to injury in our homes where we feel safe and competent despite weakness. It is easy to let your guard down where you feel the most comfortable, especially in the familiarity of your own home where you have many learned routines — this sense of involuntary ease can be the enemy to rehabilitating an injury, which often involves mindfully modifying everyday tasks. Even small procedures and the medications that often accompany them can make a person overestimate their readiness for independence.

Although you may be pining for the comfort of your own bed after an exhausting procedure, the best place for your long-term recovery is one that combines medical expertise and the most advanced therapy equipment to ease your return to wellness and functionality. Certainly, your friends or spouse can provide a great deal of comfort to you when you are recovering; however, few are licensed or knowledgeable enough to provide medical assistance.

When you are recovering, but still in need of wound care or intensive post-procedure rehabilitation, the best care you can receive is with a dedicated rehabilitation center. The Villas now offers Villas Total Rehab in their newly completed, 13,000 square-foot addition to their Sherman location. The new freestanding building on campus is focused specifically on rehabilitation. The site sports 10 private, Medicare-certified suites situated around a spacious new therapy gym boasting state-of-the-art equipment and built to serve patients in need of short term, cardiac, orthopedic, and neurological rehabilitation services.

The vaulted ceilings of the modern-styled gym sports large windows for ample, natural light which contrasts with the warm texture of the exposed wooden supports. The spacious, open design imparts a sense of freedom and mobility: the perfect mindset for a person working back toward wellness. To accommodate all levels of ability, the gym hosts advanced equipment to ensure comfort and efficiency of your rehabilitation efforts. Two Scifit recumbent bicycles seat the rider in a comfortable, seated position, but also accommodate wheelchair access. These machines offer multi-level resistance and versatile bi-directional resistance to improve muscle balance, tone, and coordination. The Keiser Triple Trainer apparatus integrates adjustable workloads and resistance levels, presenting customizable options for focused strengthening of almost any upper-body or core region. The True Elliptical machine offers low-impact running for a gentler rehabilitation of the lower body and recuperating joints than traditional treadmills. The SportsArt Fitness Treadmill features easy-to-use features and settings, and provides optimal conditions for cardiac rehabilitation patients. Of course, high-tech machines can help you streamline your wellness routine, but Villas Total Rehab also offers access to traditional rehabilitation modalities like free-weights and other proven routines. If you want to work one-on-one with a therapist, or simply prefer privacy, the gym also has a private therapy room for your convenience.

In addition to the right equipment and safe spaces to aid your recovery, Villas Total Rehab addition employs medical staff right within the facility with the expertise to guide you on your path to wellness. The Villas Total Rehab has it’s own medical director that visits frequently to ensure quality protocols, a nurse practitioner whom arrives at least once a week, and an orthopedic consultant to ensure safe and proper use of routines. A visiting optometrist and podiatrist are also available for specialized care while you recover. The experts on staff can not only see to your medical needs, but most importantly, they can offer vital education on strengthening, safety, and preventative routines for your related injury, ensuring you stay safe at home long after you exit their care.

Even with the right professionals and facilities for your recovery, it is understandable that you will still want to return home quickly. To ease your stay, The Villas offers many of the comforts of home. An outdoor resting space offers some fresh air after workouts and invigorating contact with nature, the beauty salon can help you look your best even when you’re not feeling the best, and weekly mass and nondenominational services will help to rehabilitate your spirit. The ten suites are private and spacious. The Villas offers wifi and a dedicated workspace in each room, so the dedicated need not miss work while regaining ability. Invite your spouse or friend to visit or even accompany you to a therapy session if you’re in need of encouragement. Villas Total Rehab has a handle on the little details and comforts, so you can focus on your journey back to health.

The Villas Senior Care Community is a 40-acre campus comprised of independent living, assisted lifestyle, skilled nursing, and short-term rehab. The Villas is a non-profit organization with over thirty years of experience providing exceptional care, and is the only five-star rated facility by CMS (Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services) in the Springfield area, now offering Villas Total Rehab — a separate wing dedicated to physical, occupational, and speech therapy, and partnered with Springfield Clinic Rehabilitation Services for outpatient therapy.

Check out www.VillasSeniorCare.com for a wide variety of information on our services along with a virtual tour. Find us on Facebook at

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May 08, 2017
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