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Tossing and Turning at Night? Stop Counting Sheep and Start Collecting ZZZ’s

  September 08, 2018
Although many people work out, eat the right foods, and are very concerned about their overall health, one important factor is often overlooked: sleep. In today’s 24/7 world, people are often going right up until they have to go to bed — leaving them unable to turn off their minds. In fact, according to the National Sleep Foundation (NSF), 41 percent of Americans report having problems with tossing and turning at least a few nights a week.

Many people are aware of the benefits of sleep, but with a variety of distractions it can be difficult for them to relax in order to fall asleep. In fact, a recent Healthcare Research & Analytics (HRA) survey found that 57 percent of doctors reported one of their patients’ biggest hindrances to falling asleep is engaging with electronics such as phones, computers, iPads, and the television too close to bedtime.

Often people jump to drastic measures to help with sleep issues, but what many do not realize is great sleep can start with simple solutions, like creating an ideal sleep environment that helps them relax. According to a survey conducted by HRA, 100 percent of doctors agree that an appropriate sleeping environment is critical to aiding a person’s ability to relax so they can fall asleep. What’s more is that half of physicians would recommend their patients use clean, lavender scented bedtime fabrics as a way to help them relax so they can fall asleep.

“Sleep plays a vital role in good health throughout your lifetime — and getting enough quality sleep can help protect your mental health, physical health, quality of life, and safety,” says Dr. Ian Smith, celebrity physician and wellness expert. “One of the best ways to commit to a great night’s sleep is by creating an appropriate sleep environment that helps people relax. That’s why I’m excited to share simple solutions for creating a relaxing sleep environment, including using the P&G Sweet Dreams Collection on your bedtime fabrics.”

Understanding that so many people are taunted by a sleep that never seems to come, P&G created the Sweet Dreams Collection — all official products of the National Sleep Foundation. The Sweet Dreams Collection is comprised of products formulated with ingredients to clean, soften, and freshen bedtime fabrics, including sheets and pajamas, to help create an ideal sleep environment.

Here are some additional tips to help you tuck in and turn off at the end of a busy day:

Turn Off Electronics
Many people lie in bed and check their phones and iPads before falling asleep, but the use of these electronics can have negative effects on a person’s ability to fall asleep. Turning off technology at least 30 minutes before bedtime will help you fall asleep.

Create an Ideal Sleep Environment
People can take simple steps toward getting a great night’s sleep by first looking at their sleep environment. According to a recent HRA poll of doctors, the top three recommendations they would give their patients for creating an appropriate sleeping environment are keeping the room quiet, using a good mattress and pillow, and keeping the room temperature controlled. Additionally, great sleep can start in the laundry room and a simple switch in caring for bedtime fabrics can make a big difference. After all, 71 percent of Americans say they get a more comfortable night’s sleep on sheets with a fresh scent, according to a poll conducted by the NSF. The Sweet Dreams Collection is formulated to allow everyone to create a relaxing sleep environment with fresh, clean, lavender and gourmand vanilla scented linens to help them fall asleep.

Set the Clock
Establish a bedtime hour for each family member to help train their body to relax at the same time each night so they can fall asleep. The NSF recommends doing this every day of the week, including the weekends.

Don’t Push It
Tossing and turning can lead to agitation and additional loss of sleep. If you’re unable to fall asleep immediately, go to a different room to relax the body and mind. Keep the electronics unplugged, and consider reading a book or meditating. Once relaxed, head back to bed for a great night of sleep.

Head to www.TuckInTurnOff.com to find more tips and commit to a great night’s sleep, every night, by taking the “Tuck In. Turn Off.” pledge.

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September 08, 2018


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