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The Villas of South Park: The Pursuit of Retirement Bliss

  April 08, 2018

Although retirement is the end goal of a career, it is far from the end of normal life. That is why people work hard to ensure that their transition to retirement and into their golden years is as comfortable as possible. Most look to the latter years of their lives as a time of relaxation, reflection, and leisure, an ideal that is harder to achieve than it sounds. Aging not only brings us closer to the last time that we punch the clock, but brings with it a whole new set of challenges — an aging body and mind can greatly complicate one’s ability to fully engage or enjoy the newfound freedom of retired life. Even once-routine, rote, and simple daily tasks take on a whole new level of challenge as the body ages, and new concerns and limitations can temper the enthusiasm many rush toward their retirement with. The reality is, many aging Americans will need some sort of assistance whether medical or with daily tasks as they age, which impinges on their sense of retirement freedom.

The good news is that as Baby Boomers look toward retirement, retirement is looking better than ever. Assisted living communities, such as the Villas of South Park in Chatham, specialize in making retirement comfortable and graceful. Offering services to support those functional obstacles, assisted living takes away the onus of adapting your home or lifestyle to accommodate the changing abilities of an aging senior, and lends support through services and personnel who give as much or as little assistance as a senior requires. As an assisted living community, the Villas of South Park brings together the best of medical coordination, resort living, and community closeness to make sure that retirement isn’t just comfortable — it’s idyllic.

A diverse array of retirees populate the residential home for seniors in need of supportive care: from homemakers, educators, a scrub tech, a former college athlete, and a career AT&T employee — all unique individuals with a common need for extra assistance. Most were having difficult living independently at home, requiring assistance with the completion of activities of daily living like eating, dressing, medication management, or just getting around. To these individuals, it’s more than just an all-in-one community; to them, South Park is home. The rural setting and small-town surroundings lend a sense of peace, quiet, and security, which were commonly praised by occupants. Many were quick to mention the convenience of having meals cooked for them, as well as their pleasure in the quality of the food served. Among the senior residents interviewed, however, they testified that the best part of living at South Park wasn’t only getting the help they needed to live life uninterrupted, it was that the friendly and courteous staff made their retirement easy and luxurious.

Like many retirees, the residents of South Park overwhelmingly stated that they were most proud of their families, but their replies were often woven with the common thread of freedom to pursue their own agenda for retirement, rather than worry about the fine details. The chance to live life without the hassle of yard and home maintenance or the need to cook meals and clean rated highly in their esteem, and all were happy with the assistance they received for getting to and from community locations. A few stated that living in the mild community helps them to feel peaceful and secure, as well as giving them the chance to socialize with age peers. For a few couples, it was deeply important that they could continue to live with their spouse within the same community and apartment and still have both individuals’ needs met. The common theme, it seems, is that residents feel supported and accommodated in their wishes and needs for their retirement. Having their pressing needs addressed, however, led to interesting conversations about how the residents otherwise found themselves employed in their august years.

Having supportive staff and programs at the ready led to the most gratifying benefit for the residents: the pursuit of happiness and personal content in their retirement. Among the residents there was a striking variety of pursuits: while some preferred the simple pleasures of reading, chatting with fellow residents, relaxing in front of the television, or simply taking a stroll around the premises or outdoors, others spoke of very personal interests such as oil painting, writing poetry, learning art and language history, and taking up bowling. While one resident with difficulty seeing stated that she was happy to finally be able to attend church service regularly, another introspective resident said that he likes to spend his well-earned free time, “living in the present, and reflecting upon the past” — a fair occupation for their golden years, for sure. Whether they are a well-read animal lover or a still-busy businessman, the residents at South Park are engaged in the pursuits of their hearts’ content.

The freedom to find personal satisfaction in enrichment, enlightenment, or leisure is the very thing that everyone dreams of as they prepare their finances and households for the transition into life after a career. The residents of the Villas of South Park are lucky indeed to have found a place to call home that cares for their needs so they can care for their aspirations. With friendly, professional, and supportive staff; a tranquil country setting; services that attend to individuals’ personal needs and limitations; and amenities that take the strife out of keeping house and living well, the Villas of South Park happily helps residents live life their way and supports their pursuit of retirement bliss.

At the villas of South Park , it’s “your life, your home, your way!”

The Villas of South Park is located at 10000 S. Main Street, Chatham. For more  information or for a tour, call 217-697-5415, or visit them on the web at villasofhollybrook.com.

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April 08, 2018
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