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The Mariposa Way Surpassing Expectations

  April 07, 2017

We do things differently at Mariposa Point of Gilbert. We do not limit ourselves to just following the state guidelines that all communities must adhere to. Mariposa Point goes above and beyond those standards, as we believe wholeheartedly that when excellence is attainable, good is no longer acceptable. We use a holistic approach to care, focusing on the mind, body, and spirit to create a care plan unique to each resident. Our long list of innovative programming, services, and amenities all culminate in an ideal environment to be at your best. That’s the Mariposa Way.

The Seven Dimensions of Wellness
We have created a proprietary active living concept called The Seven Dimensions of Wellness, which adapts the Six Dimensions of Wellness developed by Dr. Bill Hettler from the National Wellness Institute (NWI) and customizes them for Senior Living. Each dimension addresses the unique interests and personal strengths of each resident, allowing them the opportunity to become their best self.
  • Social: Engagement with other residents and participation in the programming
  • Emotional: Recognizes awareness and acceptance of one’s feelings
  • Intellectual: Always learning through new experiences and play
  • Spiritual: Respect for belief systems, values, and worldview
  • Physical: Regular physical activity, healthy eating habits, hydration, strength, and vitality 
  • Intergenerational: Recognizes and supports the importance of seniors engaging regularly with other generations, including the very young, teenagers, and young adults
  • Community Connections: Represents a blend of occupational, environmental, cultural, and vocational interests in the town of Gilbert and beyond
Dedicated medical director
We are the only assisted living community in the East Valley to have a dedicated medical director. Dr. Jerry E. Owensby, MD, in addition to her private practice, will be on-site at Mariposa Point of Gilbert every Friday to see her patients firsthand. All residents of Mariposa Point will have the opportunity to have Dr. Owensby as their primary care physician.

Personalized care
Registered and licensed nurses manage our health services department with our certified staff available 24 hours a day, seven days a week. Our services are approached with flexibility and compassion to accommodate special requests. Each of our mindfully designed residences have state-of-the-art emergency call and two-way communication systems. For those who have hearing impairment, we have select apartments with hearing-impaired doorbells, notifying the resident that someone is at their door.

Dining experience
We proudly serve three delicious meals daily, created by our in-house chef and culinary team, which includes snacks and beverages offered throughout the day. A beautifully decorated dining room is available to family, friends, and loved ones. We encourage frequent visits, as they are part of the Mariposa Point family as well!

Maintaining health and mobility
Upon moving in, all residents will have a free personal assessment completed by Summit Healthcare Services, onsite mobility experts in partnership with Mariposa Point. This key information will give our team a baseline measure on where each of our residents are with balance and overall mobile ability, helping to prevent injuries and falls. Every fall will be reviewed and analyzed to strategize what corrective actions can be taken to reduce the likelihood of a repeated incident.

Stellar programming with engaging activities
Our residents are the center of our programming at Mariposa Point. We have a vibrant schedule including creative art, music therapy, horticulture, entertainment from Arizona’s best, and many exciting outings which are carefully developed by our director of programming, while keeping individual interests in mind. Scheduled transportation is also provided for specialized medical and doctor visits, shopping, and various errands. Bingo is fun, but there is so much more fun to be had at Mariposa Point. There will be a sense of community with residents, family members, local churches, students, and teachers from the schools, all working together to give back. We’re sewing quilts for veterans, raising awareness of Alzheimer’s/dementia, and helping to promote local artists via art shows and events. Our programming is intentional in providing purpose and a feeling of being valued, which improves quality of life for our residents — that’s our main goal.

Intergenerational living
Mariposa Point of Gilbert is strategically located within walking distance of Quartz Hill Elementary School and Campo Verde High School, allowing numerous volunteer opportunities and intergenerational programming, which is of great benefit to both young and old. Our older population has rich life experiences and a vast wealth of knowledge to share with students of all ages. The student’s excitement for learning new things flows right through their smiles to our residents, and the residents relish the unconditional love that is given so freely by these young folks.

One-Week University and life-long learning
Life-long learning is a valued core concept for Mariposa Point of Gilbert. In meeting this fundamental need, residents will have the opportunity to explore new ideas and visit topics of yesteryear in a classroom setting on a weekly basis. In addition, we have the proprietary “One-Week University” program. Every quarter, Mariposa Point of Gilbert and Surpass Senior Living bring together top educators from Gilbert area universities and the public school system to present special versions of their best lectures. Residents can spend one hour a day for a week, immersed in lectures and engaged in discussions, led by some of the brightest minds in our community, who fully believe learning is a life-long process. At the end of the week, residents will receive a diploma for their participation with a celebratory graduation ceremony!

Another way Mariposa Point of Gilbert goes above and beyond is having a board of advisors. We have eight, well-respected community leaders, each offering unique backgrounds, knowledge, and experiences which complement our mission and values. The board of advisors increases our connections to the outside community, provides strategic guidance to our team and hold us accountable to provide our residents the best service and care at the most affordable cost.

Mariposa Point of Gilbert is dedicated to raising the bar for senior living in Arizona. We want to improve the comfort and quality of life for seniors and their loved ones, and we utilize a holistic approach to wellness and support to do this. We offer quality assisted living and memory care services with innovative and personalized solutions for each senior’s personal story.

If you are currently looking for the best care option for yourself or a loved one, please contact Leslie at to learn more.

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April 07, 2017
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