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The Importance of Family Traditions

  December 08, 2018

Submitted by Edwards Group

“Tradition is one of the most beautiful ideologies we have created and experience as living and loving humans.” — Daffnee Cohen

Do you have any special family traditions this time of year? A unique way you celebrate the holidays? A meaningful family activity? A specific food or meal connected to cherished memories?

At Edwards Group, one of our great privileges is working with families to create effective estate plans or help with long-term care for aging parents. While these estate plans typically center around finances, we also work to preserve non-financial “assets” as well. In our work to preserve and protect family legacies, we often learn about meaningful family traditions. We understand that these traditions are an important part of every family for a wide variety of reasons.

5 reasons why family traditions are important
  1. Family traditions create memories that last a lifetime. Many of our most magical memories of childhood can be linked back to traditions we shared with our family. Even during difficult times in life, family traditions can be a bright beacon of light or an anchor of strength that helps us find our way through this crazy world.

  2. Family traditions give family members a stronger sense
    of belonging. Many psychologists feel that the human need for
    belonging is just as important as our need for food, water, and shelter. In our disconnected modern world of electronic communication, traditions help bring families together face-to-face and reconnect people to one another.

  3. Family traditions help impart the family’s values. Your family’s unique cultural and religious heritage is one-of-a-kind. Many family traditions are passed on from distant places and generations. This links us to things that are bigger than ourselves, and gives us a unique understanding of our own personal identity.

  4. Family traditions give children and teens a sense of security. Amy Griswold, a Family Life Educator for the University of Illinois Extension, writes, “Research shows us that routines and traditions are part of healthy families. Traditions give security to young people, providing a sense of continuity and routine that they can depend on year after year... Children will remember the special experiences of family traditions more than toys and gifts.”

  5. Family traditions keep generations connected and give them something special in common. With so many people living far away from where they grew up, coming back together for family traditions gives people a sense of home and helps them feel grounded. Griswold says, “Such activities help promote healthy relationships between the generations when they are enjoyed and anticipated by everyone.”
We hope you will take time during this busy season to observe and savor your family’s unique traditions. No other family can observe them or pass them down like you can!

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December 08, 2018
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