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The Gemini Trifecta

 Gemini Hospice March 07, 2014
By Cathy Peterson, CEO, Gemini Home Care

The word “Gemini” has many meanings for my family and me. My twin sister, our two older brothers, and I were all born under the astrological sign of Gemini, and is where we got the idea for the names of our three companies: Gemini Hospice, Gemini Home care, and Gemini Hospice Foundation. We are proud of all three companies and the distinct purposes they all serve in the community.

Because my siblings and I have lived in the valley for 30 years, we have been able to “hand pick” most of our employees. Not only do we have other family members who work for us, including our mom who is the director of finance for our hospice, but we also have extended family, friends, and previous co-workers that we know, like, and trust working for us. We are very proud of our team and believe that you will truly experience something different and unique by choosing Gemini Hospice or Gemini Home Care to meet your needs or the needs of your loved ones.

Gemini Hospice
The first company we started was Gemini Hospice. We have been providing care to patients in the community for a little over a year. Because we are family-owned and operated, I feel we bring a little something extra to our patients and their families. Our motto is “from our family to yours” and that is exactly how we treat our patients and their loved ones, as if they were a part of our family. As owners of the company, we personally visit our patients’ homes to check on their well-being as well as those caring for them. After being out in the community and talking with people, we have found that there are many misconceptions about hospice.

Misconceptions About Hospice
  • Hospice is only for the last few days of life. Hospice is for those who have been diagnosed with a terminal illness, and should the illness take its natural course, have 6 months or less to live. Of course, doctors who are writing the orders for hospice do not have a crystal ball and cannot predict exactly when someone will pass. Patients have been known to be on hospice well over 6 months. As long as they continue to show a decline in their health, hospice is appropriate. If they do not show a decline in health, they are “graduated” from hospice services and can return when their health declines again.
  • Hospice is a place. The hospice concept was put in place to provide care and comfort to those nearing end of life in their own home or wherever they may call home. There are places called in-patient units and skilled nursing facilities where some patients are placed because they need 24-hour care or symptom management for the last few days.
  • Hospice is only for those with cancer. In 1983, Medicare originally only approved hospice services for those with cancer. In 1994, this changed. A doctor can now write an order for hospice for those with dementia, Alzheimer’s, ALS, end stage renal disease, COPD, failure to thrive, and much more.
  • Hospice only provides care and comfort. Hospice is a Medicare part A benefit with no out-of-pocket cost for those 65 and older or for those who have been on disability for two or more years. Hospice services include, but are not limited to, the following: durable medical equipment, supplies, and medications related to the patient’s diagnosis; a social worker to help with funeral planning, aid, and attendance, applying for long term care, etc.; a chaplain who provides spiritual and bereavement services (note: bereavement services continue for 13 months after the patient’s death); and a nurse, CNA, and medical director who work with the family and the patient to provide a plan of care that best meets the needs of each patient. Hospice services also come with a volunteer and music therapist.

Because of these misconceptions, we have made it our goal to get out into the community and educate people about this wonderful hospice benefit. We have “community educators” that work with the local senior centers, mobile home parks, group homes, assisted living facilities, doctor’s offices, chambers of commerce, Veteran’s groups and various other agencies to do “hospice 101 presentations,” blood pressure clinics, ice cream socials, and much more.

One of the things we hear the most from people who have experienced hospice with their loved ones is that they wish they would have used this wonderful benefit sooner.

Gemini Hospice is committed to excellence in both our business practices and professionalism by addressing the physical, social, psychological, and spiritual dimensions of care as an integrated whole. We are dedicated to providing comprehensive, competent, quality care that optimizes comfort and dignity and is consistent with the patient and family needs and goals. We promise to deliver timely, end of life care that is well coordinated, family centered and includes bereavement and counseling support. We believe in continuity of care consistent with the needs of the patient, family and caregiver, as it pertains to the terminal diagnosis, culture, environment and appropriate level of care. We acknowledge, without discrimination, the dignity, comfort and choices determined by the patient, family and caregiver including the election of the Medicare Benefit or alternative health care options. It is our goal to implement these core concepts with integrity and will do whatever is ethically feasible to serve the best interest of our patients at all times.

Gemini Home Care
The goal of our second company, Gemini Home Care, is to provide care to people in their home or wherever they may call home. It’s a non-medical company, meaning our caregivers can provide companionship, help with activities of daily living, transport clients to appointments, do light housekeeping, laundry, give medication reminders, and help prepare nutritious snacks and meals. We pride ourselves on providing great care at a minimal cost. Caregiver services are all private pay at a rate of $17 an hour for all services. Our caregivers are RN trained, have a clean background check, negative TB skin test, first aid and CPR certifications, maintain a valid driver’s license and must pass a drug test. We are bonded and insured, our employees are W-2 employees and we offer workman’s compensation. Aside from the fact that we are family owned and operated; another thing that sets us apart from other home care companies is a portion of our profits go to local charities.

Gemini Hospice Foundation
Our third company is called Gemini Hospice Foundation. This is a non-profit company that grants the “last wishes” of those on hospice and also provides support to other local non-profit companies.

Whether you need, hospice, home care, or both, we can help. You can call our hospice 24 hours a day, 7 days a week and you will get a “live person” to answer any questions you may have. We have a great reputation in the community and have established many working relationships with other companies that also provide services to our wonderful elderly community. If we can’t help you, we will find someone who can.

Gemini Hospice and Gemini Home Care are family owned and operated with care and compassion being our main goals. Whether you or your loved one need home care or hospice, we can help.

Gemini Hospice is located at 3960 E. Riggs Rd Suite #4 Chandler, AZ. Call 480-883-1353 for more information or visit

Gemini Home Care is located at 3950 E. Riggs Road Suite #1 in Chandler, AZ. Call 480-883-1750 for more information or visit
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 Gemini Hospice| March 07, 2014
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