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The Benefits of Returning to Exercise

  April 03, 2019
Submitted by Anatomies Family Fitness

As a trainer, I’ve worked with people embarrassed that they have let themselves go. They used to be a track or basketball star 25+ years ago, or they used to go hiking regularly with the family. Then, one thing led to another. Life happened, sad events happened, and people get “thrown off track.” It is normal to get thrown off track. Hey, you might have even lost the track so badly that you need a GPS to go find it! Dig deep within yourself, kick that embarrassment to the curb, and get ready to get moving.

The warm weather will soon be upon us and may help you get in the groove. Simply start with a walk down the street. Maybe the next day you can walk two blocks. Step back into that fitness center you love without worrying about the judgment of how long it has been. Your friends, significant others, children, and grandchildren will be proud of you. Willpower grows over time. Never stop pushing yourself toward something that you know is beneficial for you.

I had my own experience with having to push myself back into fitness. I recently had my second child four months ago. Although I did not experience any postpartum feelings after my first delivery, I did about six weeks after my latest. Returning to exercise turned out to be the best thing that I could have done for my body and mind. It helped me feel healthy again. There is a Southern saying, “if mama ain’t happy, ain’t nobody happy.” That has truth to it. Replace mama with daddy, teacher, banker, etc. When you decide to make yourself feel better, you are making a promise to your loved ones and colleagues that you want things to be better for them as well.

Try putting yourself out there and experience a new fitness class that has always held your interest. Studies show that exercising in groups, or around other people, increases accountability and the productivity of the work out, while promoting lasting friendships. We cannot be reminded enough of how endorphins released during exercise can make us all feel better and promote a sense of accomplishment.
Whether it has been nine months, or nine years, get back on that bike — literally!

We welcome the opportunity to work with you until you find the program best suited for you and help you find your fit. We offer a club representative who is trained to assess each new or existing member and recommend training or other programs that suit their needs and activity level. For more information or a free consultation, contact Lisa Gerald, Anatomies Club Representative at 601-579-9555, or visit

*Written by Samantha Snellgrove, ACSM Certified Personal Trainer & Zumbra Instructor.

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April 03, 2019


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