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Structural Integration: Eliminating Pain by Reducing the Negative Effects of Gravity on the Body

  March 07, 2020

By Michael Haught LMT, Structural Integration Practitioner, Keystone Body Therapies

About 20 percent of Americans live with chronic pain every day—many of whom turn to pain medication and opioids for relief—and do not know any other way to become pain free. That is 50 million people looking for relief. With the current opioid epidemic that is running rampant in the country, many of those are looking for ways to avoid medications to manage their pain. There are options to help, one of those being massage therapy, particularly Structural Integration massage.

Structural Integration, is a modality based on the Rolf Method of Structural Integration. This modality was developed by Dr. Ida Pauline Rolf, as a 10 session series of deep tissue bodywork, focusing on movement and the connective tissue of the body. This connective tissue, or fascia, is the tiny netting that surrounds each muscle fiber, organ, and bone in the entire body. When the fascia is not fully flexible, it will not allow the muscles and joints to contract and expand to their full capacity. When the muscles and fascia get “stuck in a shortened position” they will cause structural and postural issues, or dysfunction, in the body leading to other muscles working harder to counteract them, resulting in pain in other parts of the body.

The goal of Structural Integration is to return the body to its natural structural and postural objective. Structural objective is our standard of functional design for the body, we as humans are designed to move. In order for gravity to exert a positive force on our body, it must be vertically aligned; if any part of the body is not properly aligned, the body will strain to fight against gravity. Our intention is to relearn proper posture, the ability to maintain structural integrity of the joints, regardless of the position the body is in. We work to get the body to the point where it can heal itself, minimizing the progression of the dysfunction.

When performing the Structural Integration “recipe” the therapist will treat the body as a whole to identify the structural dysfunctions and limitations, not just work on the symptoms. Throughout the sessions, we will work to restore and maintain the body’s full range of motion, developing optimal levels of physical and mental wellness. The process will also work to promote well-being through functional and structural balance. The therapist will assess the body throughout the series, and give light exercises to help further the process by strengthening certain parts causing dysfunction.

If you or anyone you know is suffering from chronic pain and would like to find a non-invasive method of treatment, call Keystone Body Therapies to set up your free consultation with one of our certified structural integration practitioners. We have 3 clinics valley wide to serve you, located in Avondale, Chandler, and Scottsdale. We can be reached at 480-686-8647, for the Chandler and Avondale clinics, 480-656-0792 for the Scottsdale clinic, online at, or by email at Back to Top

March 07, 2020


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