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Stay on Track During the Holidays — Resolve to Lose the Weight in the New Year

  December 02, 2017
By Alison Tillery Kirk, BS, CHES, OSF HealthCare, Weight Loss Program Specialist

When maintaining weight loss or just trying to live a healthier lifestyle, holidays, and other special events can make managing calories very challenging.

During times like these, it’s often not realistic to avoid the event or completely stay away from all the delicious high-calorie foods. A better plan is to target the low-calorie foods that you can eat to satisfy your hunger.

This “to-do” approach is easier to follow through on, and it will keep you from straying too far into the higher-calorie, weight-gain foods. Try these strategies to help stay within your calorie budget:
  • Stick to your routines. Just because it’s a special day doesn’t mean you should stop your healthy habits. Keeping up some or all of your daily routines will make it easier to keep the calories lower.
  • Eat before you go. Being hungry when there are lots of tasty, higher-calorie foods available can lead to a real calorie disaster. You’ll find it much easier to limit your intake of higher-calorie food by eating a healthy meal before you go.
  • Bring a dish for the party. Ask if you can bring a fruit salad, veggies and dip, or a prepared dish with a lot of other vegetables. That way you can be certain to have lower-calorie food available to choose from.
  • Eat more veggies and fruits. Try to get in a few extra servings on the day of the event. Fill at least half your plate up with vegetables and fruits. If you go for seconds, make those fruits and veggies as well.
  • Keep yourself away from the tempting food. It may sound obvious, but if the dessert or buffet table is in the other room, it will be easier to avoid going back to snack on foods that add unwanted calories.
  • Keep your records current. By tracking your successful behaviors consistently, you’ll feel more committed to making healthier food choices during the holidays and other special occasions.
Resolve to make a change
With a new year approaching, you may be looking to make resolutions for 2018. Weight loss ranks among the top resolutions. For guidance, consider the Health Management Resources (HMR®) meal-replacement program that is designed to help you lose weight right away.

The shakes and entrées are filling, fast, and delicious. The shakes are the foundation of all HMR® weight-loss plans for a reason — they work. Whenever you choose a shake instead of a higher calorie meal or snack, you can be on your way to better weight management. The entrées are portioned-controlled, tasty, and portable. There are 16 different HMR® meals under 300 calories, and they are ready to eat in about a minute, which is perfect for busy lifestyles. Fruits and vegetables can be added to meals, creating an extra filling, healthy meal that can keep you satisfied all day long.

HMR® helps you learn how to incorporate the lifestyle changes needed to maintain weight loss long term. The program combines a structured diet, physical activity, and behavioral lifestyle-change coaching.

Alison Tillery Kirk is a Weight Loss Program Specialist with OSF Weight Management Center, 1701 E. College Ave., in Bloomington. Call 309-661-5040 to learn more about the HMR® program and a free orientation class. Back to Top

December 02, 2017
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