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Southern Physical Therapy: Therapy With Purpose

  September 03, 2018
At Southern Physical Therapy, we offer therapy with purpose to promote wellness in all aspects of life, including physical, mental, and spiritual. We believe that reducing stress promotes healing without the need for drugs or surgery. We welcome our patients to our new location and invite you to experience most of the services we offer without a referral or prescription.

The Pine Belt is proud to be the home of many physical rehabilitation providers who demonstrate excellence in medical care for a population of student, professional, and retirement-age residents. As a medical community, we are proud to offer specialties in orthopedic and cardiac healthcare that goes above and beyond other areas in our region. Our growing population of aging adults means that our medical community has the opportunity to provide specialty and alternative healthcare services through local rehabilitation clinics, such as Southern Physical Therapy.

Opening its doors in 2011, Southern Physical Therapy began as a specialty outpatient physical therapy clinic focusing on women’s health and pelvic floor rehabilitation. Now, after nearly seven years in private practice, physical therapist Dr. Jan Tregre is returning to the roots of her mission to nurture wellness in all women and their families, with an extended mission to promote fitness and reduce stress through wellness. Dr. Jan describes this philosophy of practice as preventive care, which involves active community education and involvement from patients, clinicians, and providers in our area.

Through local events, blogs, and publications, Dr. Jan promotes wellness services at Southern Physical Therapy as a vital part of our community. A healthy lifestyle includes not only physical fitness and nutrition, but also relaxation techniques and stress management, and most importantly, knowledge about your body and how to take care of it in order to prevent illness and injury. Keeping muscles and joints mobile and recognizing risk of repetitive motion injuries can even prevent the need for medicine or surgery in some cases. Recognizing the cause of chronic pain and dysfunction is the first step in going from illness to wellness. Taking care of your body with good nutrition and an active lifestyle can certainly improve your wellness factor.

Wellness services at Southern Physical Therapy
The wellness services available at Southern Physical Therapy include alternative approaches to wellness and fitness, such as therapeutic massage techniques, including myofascial release and trigger point release, along with individualized stretching and stabilization home-exercise programs to promote continued healthy muscle tone and joint function as we age or recover. Dr. Jan also offers relaxation training with breathing techniques, education and training on core balance strategies and mechanisms of gait to improve running technique and flexibility for participation in higher-level fitness and sports programs. All of these services are available as preventive care, which is offered as a fee for service at Southern Physical Therapy.

Pelvic floor rehabilitation at Southern Physical Therapy
Along with specialty wellness services, Dr. Jan offers one of the leading pelvic floor therapy programs in our area. We can accept physician referrals and prescriptions to support ongoing medical care by treating women and men who have rehabilitation needs in the areas of pelvic pain, incontinence, and pelvic dysfunction. Pelvic health affects many aspects of these patient’s lives, including mental and emotional health, stress management, and even working environment. This area of therapy is vital to the men and women who suffer from problems that don’t often respond to conventional treatments. Dr. Jan utilizes a comprehensive pelvic floor treatment program including EMG Biofeedback for assessment and treatment of pelvic floor muscle dysfunction, along with manual therapy and education on dietary and urinary routines to reduce pain and restore normal function. Stress management and behavior modification techniques are introduced to promote better outcomes of maintaining pelvic floor health after treatment goals are achieved.

Some of the pelvic floor problems that Dr. Jan treats include prolapse, incontinence, post-partum dysfunction, and pelvic pain. Related issues include overactive bladder, prostate hypertrophy, painful sex, and constipation.

In women, uterine prolapse involves the muscles, ligaments, and other structures that hold the womb or uterus in place inside the pelvic cavity. If these muscles and structures are weak, the uterus slides down from its normal position into the vaginal canal, becoming a prolapse. The results of prolapse can include pain, frequent or urgent urination, low backache, and difficulty or pain with intercourse. Pelvic floor muscle strengthening using EMG Biofeedback physical therapy can lessen these symptoms and prevent the need for surgery in some cases. Pelvic pain and muscular impairments are effectively treated through manual physical therapy and combined pelvic rehabilitation.

Incontinence, or the loss of bladder or bowel control, can be a very common and often embarrassing problem. For some men and women, the risk of public embarrassment keeps them from enjoying many activities with their family and friends. Women experience incontinence almost twice as often as men, with older women experiencing incontinence more often than younger women. Pregnancy and childbirth, menopause, and the structure of the female urinary tract may account for these differences. Bladder control training with pelvic floor muscle rehabilitation and EMG Biofeedback-assisted exercises can make a lasting difference in the physical and emotional wellbeing of people with incontinence.

During and after pregnancy, women may experience pain due to joint laxity brought on by pregnancy hormones and postural strain. While physical therapy can address pregnancy and post-partum issues with interventions such as joint stabilization exercises and core strengthening, specialized wellness and fitness programs are available for women in all stages of motherhood. Southern Physical Therapy cooperates with other local new-mom fitness and yoga programs to address problems such as diastasis recti and back pain associated with pregnancy and post-partum recovery.

Pelvic pain is a real issue that hundreds of women and men of all ages deal with in their lifetime. Pelvic pain can affect emotional and mental issues as well as relationship dynamics. Some types of pelvic pain are related to sacral nerve dysfunction as a result of accident or injury, or SIJ dysfunction. Others are related to prolapse or prostate problems, which may be corrected surgically. For the most part, pelvic pain is related to the spasm of the pelvic floor muscle, leading to incoordination and stimulation of the urinary tract and pain nerves in the tissues of the pelvic cavity. Rehabilitation includes manual therapy to release muscular trigger points in the pelvic floor muscles, or levator ani muscle group. Exercises using EMG Biofeedback to visualize the activity of the muscle being treated are effective in re-educating muscle function and use during everyday activities, restoring normal function, and participation in life.

Through these innovative and progressive wellness, fitness, and pelvic floor therapy programs, Dr. Jan is offering therapy with purpose right here at Southern Physical Therapy. Patients who experience therapeutic interventions with this holistic focus are able to achieve greater goals not only for physical recovery, but goals for health and wellness that last a lifetime. By providing therapy with purpose, Dr. Jan is achieving the vision and mission of giving back to the community with her own special brand of therapy at Southern Physical Therapy.

Southern Physical Therapy is now located at 11 Willow Bend Drive Suite B in the North Lake Serene Office Park in Oak Grove, MS.
Find us online at and on Facebook at Southern Physical Therapy. For more information on our wellness services and fee schedule, call us at 601-336-8287.
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September 03, 2018
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