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Southern Physical Therapy A Wellness Model for Physical Therapy

  August 03, 2016
Submitted by Jan Tregre, DPT, Cert. DN, Southern Physical Therapy and Women’s Therapy Center

One local physical therapist has a philosophy of treating patients with a holistic-wellness point of view. Meet Dr. Janice Tregre, Physical Therapist and owner of Southern Physical Therapy, LLC in the Oak Grove area of Hattiesburg, MS. Dr. Tregre opened the clinic in 2012 with the mission to offer a different kind of therapy for chronic pain and rehabilitation with better outcomes for lifelong wellness.

On the cutting edge of rehabilitation, Southern Physical Therapy has offered patients treatment with intramuscular manual therapy and trigger-point dry needling for the past three years. Dr. Tregre is certified in dry needling and trained in joint mobilization, including low-amplitude spinal manipulation for neck and back pain and joint dysfunction. These approaches have revolutionized the practice of physical therapy for chronic pain and functional disabilities. 

In addition to her active physical therapy practice, Dr. Tregre offers patients and people in the community direct access to wellness services performed at the clinic in order to promote fitness, improve conditioning, prevent injury, and to reduce stress. Many patients are able to continue pain management and progress to the next level of fitness through individual and group exercise, therapeutic massage, and even continued-wellness care after discharge. 

“One reason why patients often experience chronic pain even after going to physical therapy is because there is little follow-through. Our wellness programs encourage patients to continue improving even after therapy is over,” said Dr. Tregre.

Here are some of the various therapy and wellness services you can find at Southern Physical Therapy:
  • Stretching, core strengthening, and physio ball exercises
  • Soft tissue, deep tissue, trigger-point and myofascial massage
  • Thermal ultrasound, electrical stimulation, and biofeedback for pelvic floor therapy
  • Manual therapy, spinal manipulation, and dry needling
  • Wellness and fitness sessions with a personal trainer or therapist
  • Ergonomic and injury prevention instruction for home, office, or work place
  • Kinesiotaping for injury prevention in sports and everyday play
What better way to show the success of this holistic model of physical therapy than with our patients’ own experiences and outcomes at Southern Physical Therapy. One patient talks about her treatment for chronic back pain:

“With the back problems I have had the last several years, I am so thankful for the care I found. Your kind of therapy really does help to manage the pain. I even have no pain many times. And most of all, you explain what is wrong and why. Thanks so much, I appreciate you and your caring heart.” — Lynda

After her success in therapy, Lynda’s husband also decided to try therapy for his ongoing pain:

“Thank you for the care you give your patients. I had back pain, severe shoulder and neck pain, along with headaches for days before I came to you. After one treatment and proper exercising, I felt 90 percent better. Looking forward to a follow-up visit!” — Neil

Not only does this philosophy of therapy include innovative approaches like dry needling, it also includes one-on-one instruction with a therapist for the entire treatment time, not often seen in a traditional outpatient physical therapy clinic. With over 20 years of experience, our therapists know what works for their patients, ensuring that exercises are being done effectively and treatment is being rendered with the best care.

“After being a professional driver for over 25 years, I have neck and lower-back problems, as well as bad circulation in my legs. I have known Dr. Tregre through our local church for several years and decided to see if she could help. Now my range of motion and circulation are vastly improved, my posture and my pain are much better. This accomplished in one visit what my primary care hasn’t been able to do in years. I am amazed how you can get all the same things done in one clinic that I used to run around to several places for. I am able to get a deep tissue massage, dry needling, manipulation, electrical stimulation and stretching, and exercises to keep my posture in shape. It’s a one-stop shop with caring and committed therapists.” — Tracy

Other patients talk about the management of their chronic pain under our wellness program:

“This clinic was founded to provide medical care, but manages to create a non-clinical environment of relaxation, support, and well-being. Consistent therapeutic massage provides me with wellness, relaxation, and protection from chronic muscle and connective tissue issues. My goal is to stay active and injury-free with work and family as I age. My sessions lower my stress level, bring ergonomic awareness, and provide support physically, mentally, and spiritually. Dr. Tregre educates as she provides care. I always leave with new ideas of ways to improve or maintain wellness.” — Madalene

“I have scoliosis and occasionally have migraines. Over the past few years, I have gotten physical therapy, massage, dry needling, and electrical stimulation to minimize or stop my migraines quickly. Dr. Tregre has educated me about minimizing the effects of scoliosis and given me exercises that compliment my chiropractic visits. The staff is extremely professional and they always make me feel comfortable and encourage me. They help me feel and stay healthy.” — Melanie

“After more than a decade of suffering with TMJ symptoms like migraines and damaged teeth, a dentist recommended massage therapy. I heard about Dr. Tregre from a friend and began treatment that included my neck, upper back, and jaw. I felt immediate relief and my jaw actually released as she was working on me. After two years of treatment, I no longer suffer from toothaches, headaches, and have regained full ROM in my jaw and neck.

Dr. Tregre takes time to listen to your concerns with a nurturing attitude. She has helped me in other areas as well as I trained for and completed a half-marathon, and took up swimming and tennis. Dr. Tregre is an integral member of our community. She has truly healed my body by helping me manage stress and pain. I am stronger, healthier, and happier than I have ever felt.” — Christy

The family of patients who get results from therapy and wellness at Southern Physical Therapy will tell you that there is no other place where they have felt better and gotten lasting results. Our wellness program is unique in the Hattiesburg area, offering services to former patients continuing their progress toward fitness and even to non-clinical customers who are looking to benefit from the professional skills of the therapists at the clinic. Through our success with physical therapy and wellness patients over the past four years, we are now the number-one patient-recommended physical therapy clinic in the area.

Jan Tregre, DPT, Cert. DN, practices at Southern Physical Therapy and Women’s Therapy Center, located in the North Lake Serene Office Park on Hwy. 98 W. in Hattiesburg, MS. Contact 601-336-8287 for appointments or visit for more information on treatment options available through physical therapy.
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August 03, 2016
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