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Overcoming Barriers Finding the Right Fitness Program

  March 03, 2019

Submitted by Patick Irby, President and Operations Manager, Anatomies Family Fitness

The fitness and wellness industry has evolved over the past several decades, much like any other industry. Arguably, there exists more data showing the benefits of exercise, more variety of programs, more press, more choices in facilities, etc. than any other time. However, statistics gathered by IHRSA indicate that roughly 15 percent of the population follows an exercise program in a fitness facility. That is the same percentage that has existed for over two decades. It’s hard to deny that while the science and awareness of fitness has grown, but there are just as few on a regular program as when the late Jack LaLanne was exercising on the California beaches. With eight out of 10 people living an inactive lifestyle, three main barriers to exercising in a health club have been identified.

The first barrier is that health clubs are too expensive. Certainly, fitness memberships should not be an impulse purchase. However, it is hard to deny the benefits that a fitness program can produce. Regular exercise produces hundreds of scientifically researched and documented benefits. Just a few of the benefits are the exerciser feels better, is more productive, has lower cholesterol, is less depressed and has a higher self-esteem, better cardiovascular health, and on and on. Could you put a price on this if simply writing a check would produce the results? The evidence is clear: a regular exercise program produces results that are both tangible and intangible, physical and emotional, visible and internal.

The second barrier is that people feel as if they have no time. The most common issue with this argument is that exercise is what someone does for themselves. Yet, we are often guilty of putting ourselves last when we are surrounded by people that depend on us. Careers, our children, our spouses, and any organizations that we may be involved with often pull us in multiple directions. Improvements to our mood, confidence, alertness, and energy levels will clearly make us better at these other responsibilities that we carry. 

So, blocking out the necessary 30 to 40 minutes for an exercise program each day makes us much more productive as we fulfill our other

The third and most common barrier is that many of us feel as if we would not fit in to a fitness club. There are more choices available for us to pursue fitness than at any other time. The key to overcoming this barrier is to take the first step and visit different facilities for physical fitness. The best fitness program available is clearly the one that you will do. So, it makes sense that the best facility is the one that you are absolutely most comfortable attending. Become a discerning consumer and visit the different fitness facilities in your area. Consult with the professionals that are employed there. This will allow you to find the choice that is just right for you. Commonly, you will find that many other members in the club that you have chosen will be on a similar path to improving their quality of life.

Do not allow these common barriers to prevent you from being all that you can be. An active lifestyle is one decision away and can make all the wonderful things of your life even more enjoyable. Can you put a price on that?

We welcome the opportunity to work with you and will help you find the best fitness program designed for your individual needs. For more information or a free consultation, contact Lisa Gerald, Anatomies Club Representative at 601-579-9555, or visit

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March 03, 2019


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