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Open the Door to a Better Life

  April 03, 2016
Submitted by Anatomies Family Fitness

Jane faces the door that not long ago seemed twice as large and ominous. She recalls her hesitation to even approach this barrier. Convinced that on the other side was a world so distant and hostile, Jane almost retreated to the safety of the familiar. But, nonetheless, she girded her strength and proceeded. Jane approached the front desk, expecting her voice to crack or display hints of a tremble, and yet, before she could speak, she was welcomed with sincerity and warmth that surely must have been a well-rehearsed fabrication. But it was, and is, in fact, genuine.

Now, not 90 days later, that door might as well be made of paper. She strolls in with almost a swagger of renewed confidence. She has to remind herself that not long ago, a destination that seemed so frightening is the very place she looks forward to visiting each day. She is a member of Anatomies.

Although Jane’s character is fictitious, her story is not. The intimidation of approaching a journey of wellness and a fit lifestyle is one of the most common barriers for many in our community. “Until you visit, however, it is very difficult for someone who is unfamiliar with Anatomies to understand,” states Patrick Irby, managing partner. Anatomies is the Pine Belt’s premier destination for family fitness and encompasses 80,000 square feet of wellness and fitness options for all peoples, ranging from children’s programming to the Gateway, which is a program that provides wellness options for those who face limitations or are completely new to exercise, including seniors.

“Anatomies is the product of a journey that has lasted well over 27 years,” explains Irby. The lessons learned have guided us to the opportunities of helping more people than we ever dreamed possible.” With a remarkable team that is passionate about seeing people succeed, Anatomies continues to impact the community with greater outcomes of wellness, health, and overall quality of life. Services offered within Anatomies are extensive and include the following:

The Gateway is an entry level program tailored for those who are just getting started on their fitness journey, or for those who have limited experience with exercise. Regardless if the client is a senior, or their physician has referred them to this program in order to prevent chronic illness, Gateway reintroduces people to a quality of life that once was thought impossible. Individual assessments are given by Gateway Director, Kaitie Lawrence, who then directs the journey of wellness with client specific programming. Success in Gateway can be measured in several ways, including physical improvements as well as emotional.

Weight Loss Center
Closely connected to Gateway is the Anatomies Weight Loss Center. This program provides well balanced nutritional prescriptions, guidance, education, and accountability for any person needing to change dietary patterns. The Anatomies Weight Loss Center is available to anyone, member of Anatomies or not, and can place a client in a much better position for overall health and weight loss success.

Kid’s Zone and Anatomies Youth Center

Committed to bringing families together, Anatomies offers programming options for children of all ages. 17,000 square feet are dedicated to this area, which is designed to introduce children to the benefits of a healthy and active lifestyle. “The key to success in our children’s areas is the quality of programs implemented by Wendy Montgomery, Kid’s Zone director and Marshall Williams, AYC director. Age appropriate programming is delivered and teaches our children how beneficial and fun exercise can be,” states Irby.
“Anatomies is seizing the opportunity to impact the youth of our community and hopefully slow the epidemic of obesity and inactivity our nation faces.”

Programming Options

Personal training, group fitness classes and specialty programming is offered and is ideal for clients who want to take their fitness level to a higher place. There is an energy that comes out of working in a group or with your own private fitness coach. As more people learn the benefits of these fitness options, more people begin to accelerate their progress. Irby concurs stating, “It is as simple as this, if you have more fun, you get more fit.” And fun they have. The strongest attendance rates are among those who are connected to group programs.

More than just for members, Anatomies is reaching the Hattiesburg community in new and creative ways. “We understand, more than ever, the need for health and wellness in the lives of everyone in our community.

We also understand the opportunities to bring people together for the benefit of wonderful charitable organizations,” explains Irby. The first ever Battle Run was hosted by Anatomies in the fall of 2015. The 5k obstacle course brought together a team of sponsors and competitors and was so successful that plans are underway for the 2016 event. “The Battle Run is a great vehicle to continue to introduce people to the benefits and fun of an active lifestyle while raising funds for Chaplain’s Well.” Chaplain’s Well is an organization that provides financial and holistic aid to Mississippi National Guard men and women during times of need.

“Our passion is simply to improve the quality of life for everyone in our community,” Irby concluded. “And I have found that when you bring people together who have this same passion, truly remarkable outcomes are possible.”

But don’t take our word for it. Begin your own journey, and like Jane, what you find on the other side of that door could be one of the things you begin to look forward to the most.

We invite you to come by for a tour and speak with one of our trained fitness professionals. We have a wide range of programming for all ages and fitness levels.

Anatomies Family Fitness is located at 120 98 Place Boulevard, Hattiesburg. For more information call 601-579-9555 or visit us online at Back to Top

April 03, 2016
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