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Methodist Senior Services: Comfort, Convenience, and Affordability Why Wesley Manor Is so Appealing to Seniors

  November 03, 2018

Senior communities today offer a wide array of services and amenities, and they definitely don’t feel institutional any more. Most seniors who have moved to independent living or assisted-living communities report that they prefer life at their new home to life alone. The benefits of a retirement community can take away the fear of aging. Wesley Manor Retirement Community specializes in making senior living easier and more affordable for Mississippi elders.

Comfort, convenience, and affordability make Wesley Manor an appealing option for retirees who want a friendly environment for their active, independent lifestyle. Retirement living here affords the opportunity to become engaged in a thriving community which provides many unique programs, both educational and entertaining. Wesley Manor is about more than affordable, clean, and attractive surroundings though. It’s about living life to the fullest! Our staff members are committed to the Methodist Senior Services’ mission — to serve older adults in the spirit of Christian love.

While seniors often put off making the transition to a retirement community, the benefits gained by moving in early can lengthen one’s life. Here are a few reasons why community living at Wesley Manor is so attractive.
  1. Maintenance-free home-space — Wesley Manor offers affordable, comfortable housing designed especially for seniors. Elders can live independently knowing that help is near, if needed, and the worries of home ownership — such as maintenance, utilities, transportation, taxes, and security — are all taken care of by the community. Let’s face it, everyone wants their own unique space, but keeping up a home is hard. Mowing the lawn, climbing a ladder to change light bulbs, pulling weeds, vacuuming — these become things of the past. The apartments are private and fully functional; new residents can pick their floor plan, including having a kitchen or kitchenette, and residents may furnish and decorate them as they please, creating their own personal haven that best suits their needs without ever having to worry about how it will be maintained or what happens when something goes awry. Retirement living at Wesley Manor opens up free time so that you can learn things with others. You can indulge personal passions you have not had time and energy for before because you were busy taking care of your home or taking care of others.

  2. Boredom busters — Residents need never be bored at Wesley Manor. There’s something here for everyone. All kinds of entertainment and activities are offered, both on-site and out in the local community. From visiting groups and guest entertainers, to day trips and local outings, our community has a full calendar with a wide variety of activities, so elders can choose to do what interests them most. Groceries, shopping malls, and healthcare facilities are just minutes away, making community life very convenient, and our region is filled with interesting attractions and fun festivals to keep elders entertained. If getting out is not what you love to do, you’ll find staying in can be just as exciting. We have numerous porches with manicured grounds that invite seasonal outdoor relaxation. Our daily social activities, in-house Tom Thumb movie theater, computer lab, voluminous library, billiards, well-stocked art room, and weekly worship services offer plenty to do without ever leaving the community.

  3. sense of community — Wesley Manor is one of only two Certified Eden Alternative Communities in Mississippi to successfully achieve Milestone 3 certification for improving the independence and quality of life for our staff and elder care partners. What does that mean? It means we have five neighborhoods within our community where elders decide the rhythm of the day for themselves, their neighborhood, and Wesley Manor as a whole. Our neighborhoods are Wisteria Lane, Magnolia Lane, Tulip Lane, Sunflower Court, and Rose Court. Each neighborhood is comprised of approximately twenty individual apartments, where decisions regarding daily activities are based on personal interests, hobbies, and friendships.

  4. Staying connected — Older adults who live alone often become isolated, which is unhealthy at any age. At Wesley Manor, you can make new friends, share meals, and enjoy special occasions with one another. We place special emphasis on social activities and community engagement, so elders stay connected to their peers and the issues that concern the greater community they live in. The residents at Wesley Manor are among the greatest volunteers in the Hattiesburg community and spend numerous hours giving back to charities, churches, and civic organizations. The wisdom and insight provided by those who have an experienced view of life helps enrich our whole community.

  5. Healthy and happy — At Wesley Manor Retirement Community, we recognize that balanced nutrition is the key to healthy and happy aging. Our delicious food is served in creative settings that entice residents to pick the foods that will make their meals enjoyable. Through exercise programs and health seminars, residents are encouraged to maintain active lifestyles. Programs that promote healthy choices like tobacco cessation, continued learning, spiritual edification, and injury prevention are here to support you. Our courtesy transportation makes getting to doctor’s appointments easy and convenient.

  6. Close to family — Many seniors who move to a retirement community do so to be near their children and grandchildren. By living closer, you can see your loved ones more often and enjoy participating in important events like weddings, graduations, and birthdays. There are no restricted quiet hours here and visitors are welcome any time. The elders may come and go as they please, and the same is true for their guests. We also understand that some family members have four legs, and happily welcome pets into the community as well.

  7. Together we are better — Often we don’t realize we need assistance until we are faced with a medical crisis. While Wesley Manor does not offer medical care, we are a part of one of the state’s largest networks of senior living and healthcare providers, Methodist Senior Services. Sister campuses offering assisted living, memory support, and skilled nursing care are all within a short distance of Hattiesburg. If an elder needs or desires to relocate to a sister campus that meets their changing care needs, they will receive priority placement for available services as if already living in that location. If that’s not enough, Methodist Senior Services has adopted stringent polices to hold its community care partners to the highest ethical standards. Outside providers of therapy or personal assistant services must be carefully vetted and approved by our administration before being hired to work for a resident at Wesley Manor. This helps protect the elders at Wesley Manor against abuse and fraud.
All these things make Wesley Manor Retirement Community much more than a place to retire. We offer residents affordable, clean, attractive surroundings. We offer market rent and income-based apartment living designed to maintain and promote independence for elders 62 years and older. We strive to create a warm, family atmosphere. No matter the reason you are considering making a move, let our kind, attentive staff help you determine if senior living in a retirement community is right for you.

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November 03, 2018
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