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MedicsFirst Paramedic Owned and Operated

  August 08, 2017
By Benjamin Goodin

In an emergency, time matters most. Mere seconds can be the crucial difference between a full recovery or permanent disability. In the worst cases, life or death can hinge on a moment’s snap decision. When the clock is ticking and pressure bears down, you want your health in the hands of someone who has the expertise to make the right decision, right now.

Medics First is a paramedic owned and operated ambulance service located in Springfield, IL. Medics First provides emergency and non-emergency services to the capital city and the surrounding areas, including additional fleets in Auburn and Girard. They provide emergency transport for the surrounding counties with their 13 ambulances and team of over 80 employees. They offer experienced and reliable caregivers for non-emergency transport to several medical facilities  throughout the state and beyond. Each of their ambulances is a certified advanced life-support class vehicle and staffed by licensed paramedics, enabling them to provide even the most intensive in-field care. What sets Medics First apart is not that they meet the high standards required, but how they train and educate to exceed them.
Medics First isn’t just owned and operated by licensed paramedics, the majority of their employees, from the operators and billing staff to the administrators, are trained emergency medical providers. Medics First employees  undergo extensive training to provide immediate, effective treatment for emergency and non-emergency transport.

Having this level of expertise and involvement was the vision of the founders of Medics First. 2005 began the dream of a better ambulance service for patients and the medics that care for them. The owners (who were paramedics themselves) were exhausted with the old days of just meeting the standards in EMS care and training. The vision was to give EMTs and paramedics a career that helped them thrive by focusing on training and education. That vision would fulfill the dream of excellent patient care by skilled, competent, and compassionate EMTs and paramedics. That dream came alive in 2008. Medics First’s passion is excellent patient care for everyone, every time.   

Since the staff of Medics First has the common background in emergency medical service, the team gels together better than those with disparate skillsets. Sharing a common skillset means the team not only coordinates action fluidly, it also helps to streamline strategic response to emergencies — administrators can make informed decisions because they understand the challenges the field medics face; dispatchers can coordinate and prioritize the team’s reaction based on real knowledge of medical emergencies.

In one case, having a fully licensed team paid off in a surprising way. Like most emergency response agencies, ambulances wait in the field for a call, leaving support and administration as the sole occupants of the main office. Due to staff-wide paramedic licensing, the members of the IT, dispatch, administration, and operation teams were able to respond with immediate emergency medical  treatment when a family arrived on-foot at the main office with a patient experiencing a serious medical emergency — a happy outcome that  may not  have been possible under normal office circumstances.

Having a high standard in hiring practices ensures that Medics First attracts thoroughly trained, skilled professionals of a higher caliber. In a less professional sense, a full roster of licensed paramedics means that the team is tied together closely by motivation, and hence work with a common purpose: quality patient care.

The pool of shared training and experience not only makes the team more effective in  emergency situations, but since they know the field, they know how important preparation is in averting medical disaster. One of the strongest predictors of timing and types of medical emergencies is history. Using data-driven analysis, Medics First tracks emergency call information from the area, enabling them to evaluate treatment data and make adjustments and improvements along the way.   

Each new year brings new advancements and new data on emerging healthcare trends. As emergency specialists, Medics First focuses on reacting quickly when time is of the essence. Recognizing symptoms of dangerous conditions can save critical time and perhaps even a life. Two of the most common emergencies are longstanding offenders, especially among seniors: heart attack and stroke. Although the symptoms for heart attacks in men are fairly well known — shortness of breath coupled with crushing pain in the chest, arm, or jaw — it is worth noting that women typically experience pain in the upper back. Stroke response protocol follows an easy acronym to recognize symptoms: FAST. Facial drooping, coupled with arm weakness and speech difficulty means it is time to call 911! Despite how well-known heart attack and stroke are, the most concerning new development is the skyrocketing rate of sepsis; sepsis mortality rates are double the rate of heart attack and stroke combined.  Sepsis is a life-threatening illness caused by your body's response to an infection, which can be fatal if left untreated. If you or someone you know has recently had an infection and is experiencing fever and rapid respiration accompanied by confusion, call 911 immediately — it could save a life!

Medics First provides skilled professional patient care for your emergency and non-emergency transportation needs. Call 217-535-0100 for service in Springfield and the surrounding area. Additional information is available online at www.medicsfirst.com. Back to Top

August 08, 2017
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