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Mariposa Point at Algodón Center: An Oasis for Valley Seniors

  October 07, 2018

Surpass Senior Living is proud to announce the opening of its fourth senior living neighborhood in the valley, Mariposa Point of Algodón Center. After officially opening its doors this July, Mariposa Point continues the Surpass tradition of providing caring assistance to help seniors who struggle with daily tasks live as independently as possible in a homelike setting. Mariposa Point hosts a total of 87 apartments, encompassing both assisted living and memory care. This relatively small number helps preserve a sense of neighborhood living. In consideration of residents with mobility concerns, Algodón, like all Mariposa Point communities, was built on a single level without stairs or elevators.

While the center provides amenities and care to help seniors live healthy lives without the hassle of homeownership, their focus isn’t just on helping seniors survive the challenges unique to the later years of life — it is to give them a place to truly thrive in their golden years.

Our philosophy of care
Care at Mariposa Point communities is organized around Surpass Senior Living’s unique philosophy of care. This philosophy was inspired by the National Wellness Institute’s Dr. Bill Hettler, who developed the Six Dimensions of Wellness — six interconnected aspects of life which, when cultivated, contribute to an individual’s overall wellbeing and sense of satisfaction. Surpass reinterpreted this framework for wellness specifically for the needs of seniors, using them to structure caregiving, amenities, and programming offered in their neighborhoods.

Using these guidelines, Surpass has developed a breadth of exceptional and focused programming which stretches beyond common models of care to provide uncommon levels of support to their residents.

Concierge medical care
It’s no secret that seniors have many health concerns. Even the most careful and dutiful among them must be mindful of the natural changes which come with age. An increased awareness of health of course means more frequent and more thorough healthcare, but it doesn’t mean medical concerns should dominate one’s life or be an interruption to their lifestyle.

The concierge medicine program offered at Mariposa Point communities brings healthcare directly to the residents, even right within the comfort and privacy of their apartment if they prefer. The onsite medical director and support staff will collaborate with a resident’s primary physician or even assume that role, if preferable. Surpass locations even coordinate supportive therapies thought a community partnership with Summit Healthcare to deliver speech, physical, occupational, and rehabilitation services at Mariposa point and at select locations in the surrounding community. Residents can receive the personal care of a house call without the wait.

Memory care
In addition to the standard memory care that offers appropriate and compassionate care for their residents with cognitive difficulties, Surpass is proud to announce their recent partnership between their communities and Cognitive Clinical Trials. This affiliation will provide residents with access to memory care modalities. It is estimated approximately 5.7 million Americans are currently living with Alzheimer’s disease, a number that will greatly increase as the current generation continues to age. To date, there is no cure for Alzheimer’s and other dementias, and there is still much that needs to be understood about these diseases before progress can be made toward a cure. CCT facilitates urgently needed Alzheimer’s and dementia clinical trials by bringing the research to the patient right where they live, rather than upsetting and disorienting these seniors who are in great need of familiarity and consistency. In this way, Mariposa Point residents are both receiving the most updated modalities for dementia care, while being a part of the effort to find a cure for future generations.

One Week University
Among the few known effective methods for combatting memory loss is by keeping the brain active and, therefore, resilient. Engaging in stimulating mental activity and pursuing learning isn’t just beneficial to those with memory conditions, it can improve the happiness, alertness, and general wellbeing of all seniors. In addition to other stimulating programming, Surpass communities offer One Week University to those who never lost a love of learning. Once a quarter, a week-long class is offered to residents. Experts from the local community act as guest professors, offering topical lectures and engaging content to eager seniors. At the end of the course, the happy graduates receive a diploma at the course’s graduation ceremony. Two recent One Week University courses were Savvy Seniors and Revolutionary Heroes.

Revolutionary Heroes was the program for July. Local community college history professors highlighted some of the legendary figures that helped to shape the American Revolution, and ultimately make America what it is today. Savvy Seniors was a technology literacy seminar that taught residents to keep pace with modern communication and, more importantly, their grandkids. Recent graduates learned to wield a smart phone like the youngest generation — sending texts, accessing the internet and social media, and even snapping their first selfie.
With strong community partnerships and an investment in whole-person wellness, Mariposa Point communities aim to care for seniors’ wellbeing without becoming an interruption to their lifestyle.

Surpass Senior Living believes where you choose to retire shouldn’t just be a place to live, it’s a place to be alive.
Assisted living is unique at Surpass Senior Living communities. We strive to provide an optimal level of holistic care and service for our residents that sets us apart from other communities. Every moment treasured. Every moment yours. That’s the Mariposa Way.

Visit to learn more about life at Mariposa Point communities or call to schedule a tour for  Mariposa Point of Gilbert (480-702-3271) • Mariposa Point of Surprise (623-289-1845) Mariposa Point of Mesa (480-712-7169) and our newest location Mariposa Point at Algodón Center (623-289-0897) in Phoenix.

Opening summer 2019, the Aspens at Mariposa Point active adult living community; call 480-900-7134 for more information.
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October 07, 2018
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