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Loving the Look of Your Legs

  September 02, 2017

Submitted by Drs. Bohn, Nielsen, Castillo, Benson, and Wright, The Vein Specialists, LLC

Ask a woman what physical feature she likes most about herself. It typically won’t be her legs.
Women can be their own worst enemies when it comes to looks — especially with legs on full display in the summer. But, they can also use these moments of insecurity to make positive decisions about their health, which may also benefit their beauty.

“Both men and women talk with us about the look of their legs,” says Dr. Kathryn Bohn, a physician at The Vein Specialists in Bloomington. “And, we share information on how their overall health and lifestyle can impact the look of their legs, as well as specialized procedures to help their appearance when needed.”

Improving the look of your legs involves short-term and long-term lifestyle changes. Based on your individual needs, consider incorporating these options into your overall routine:

Short-term “leg-loving” lifestyle changes
Texture: Moisturizer is a key part of a daily skin care routine, including the legs. Be sure to use a good moisturizer with broad spectrum SPF 15 or greater. This will keep your skin looking smooth, avoid painful cracking, and provide protection from harmful sun rays, which also can lead to brown age spots on the legs.

Hair removal: Shaving, especially with a blade razor, can be hard on skin. Consider using a shaving gel, body wash or — if you’re in a pinch — even hair conditioner. Avoid products that contain irritants such as alcohol or menthol, as they can cause burning and itching on recently shaved skin.

Color: Skin color can be as varied as the rainbow, each shade a different form of beautiful. While beauty standards around skin color change over time, it’s still common for people with fair skin to want a little more color on their legs during the warmer months. There are many self-tanning lotions that look natural and work very well. The potential risk of skin cancer has turned most away from sun worshipping.

Long-term “leg-loving” lifestyle changes
Yep, you know it… consistent exercise improves the look of your legs and the health of your body. Muscle tone and fat loss are the natural side effects of exercise, both of which obviously improve the look of your legs. Even a little toning through regular walking, cycling, or swimming will go a long way for improving your appearance.

Treatments: Leg conditions such as spider or varicose veins require specialized treatments. In recent years, many improvements have been made to procedures so people have very little interruption in their lives during times of treatment. Vein disease can now be treated with Endovenous Laser Ablation (EVLA). EVLA uses a laser to heat the diseased area in a vein which initiates a closure of that vein; this in turn causes the body to reroute blood to healthy veins. The procedure is minimally painful, is done in the office, and has a very quick recovery time.

Beauty isn’t the only reason some people visit a doctor for their legs. Many leg conditions that impact appearances also cause leg pain, leg cramps, restless legs, and swelling. These conditions may affect activities of daily living. Varicose veins are a medical condition and patients can greatly benefit from treatment. Most insurance companies and Medicare cover evaluation and treatment.

For more information or to schedule a consultation, contact The Vein Specialists at 309-862-4000 or online at They have convenient locations in Bloomington, Peru, Springfield, and Streator.

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September 02, 2017
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