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Love Your Legs!

  November 02, 2017
Submitted by Drs. Bohn, Nielsen, Castillo, Benson, and Wright, The Vein Specialists, LLC

“My legs are too...” You finished the sentence, right?

The Body Positive movement sweeping the nation embraces that idea that we should learn to love every inch of ourselves — if we do not already. Too often, we find fault in our physical appearance — with our legs often being a key target of our own criticism. 

Did you know that the largest muscles in our bodies are in our legs? What’s not to love about that? Athletes spend hours on end toning and strengthening this massive muscle which has the potential to be the strongest in our body too! Let’s talk about more reasons to care for and appreciate our legs.

Our legs help us maintain our mobility. Walking, jogging, sprinting, kicking, and dancing — our legs are the powerhouse for our own personal transportation. Heck, even for others! When you hoist a grandkid on your shoulders while walking on the beach or watching a parade — your legs are doing most the work.

We often compare ourselves to others, and even to celebrities. Staring at your own reflection in a mirror, you may see legs that are paler than you like, heavier than you want, bruised, scarred, or perhaps you may have varicose veins (ropey/bright blue squiggly lines). You can use self-tanners if you truly feel drawn to change from pale to a darker shade. Bruises will fade with time and scars are a part of the story of your life — unique to you alone. You can seek treatment from a vein specialist for varicose and spider veins — especially if they become painful.

We all know someone who has a fantastic looking pair of legs — famous or not. Our message is that you find reasons to love, accept, and care for your legs so that you can say, “My legs are...” (Beautiful? Healthy? Lean? Smooth? Handsome?)” You get the idea.
In the meantime, enjoy this match-up of celebrities known for their famous legs.

Questions  and answer list
  1. “What's Love Got to Do with It?”    A. George Clooney
  2. Who is the Queen Bee?    B. Beyonce
  3. Who inspired women to move (and buy legwarmers) with her first workout video in 1982?     C. Jennifer Aniston
  4. Who shared hot Hollywood gossip on TV’s Entertainment Tonight for over three decades?     D. Tina Turner
  5. Who performed the winning between-the-legs winning shot during the 1996 Lipton Championships?     E. Mary Hart
  6. Who laced up a pair of gladiator sandals for his role in Hail, Caesar! in 2016?     F. Jane Fonda
  7. Who is the Olympic athlete with the perfect swimmer's body — longer than average torso and relatively shorter legs?     G. Jennifer Lopez
  8. Who is "Jenny from the Block"?    H. Andre Aggassi
  9. Who will always be there for you?    I. Michael Phelps
  10. Who is the lead singer of the band famous for "She’s Got Legs," released in 1990?    J. Billy Gibbons
Answer Key:
1 (D), 2 (B), 3 (F), 4 (E), 5 (H), 6 (A), 7 (I), 8 (G), 9 (C), 10 (J)

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November 02, 2017


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