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Individualized Integrated Women’s Health Care

  June 07, 2016

“There is uniqueness to what we offer and it’s a blessing for us to serve those who recognize the difference. our goal is to care for women for their lifetime.”

In today’s environment of health care confusion it is important for women to know who they select as their medical provider matters.  The days of small privately owned medical offices owned and operated by medical physicians are harder and harder to find.   As a patient you want your provider to be invested in your care and well being.  Who would be more invested than the practice owner?

The iWomen’s Health Care clinic, established by Dr. David Kells in 1998, is the result of a physician casting aside the medical status quo to focus his practice on what really matters: the patients. Always mindful of his patient’s desires, Dr. Kells does his utmost to give women the type of care they want, while providing the knowledge, expertise, and oversight to promote healthy choices for obstetrical and gynecologic care.

Exclusive Integrative Practice
iWomen’s Health Care offers an innovative care model, providing an individualized approach for women to ensure optimal health and wellness, at any age of a women’s life, from adolescence into her senior years. “We partner with our patients to develop a specific, personalized plan of care tailored ‘just for her,” says Dr. Kells. iWomen’s Health Care gives women — an individualized integrated approach—when it comes to prenatal care and birthing.

We listen to the patient and try to accommodate their needs and desires without imposing what we think is right and wrong.  Often there isn’t necessarily a right or wrong way to approach a situation but enlisting the patient’s preferences allows us to help guide them to what we feel will offer the best opportunity for success and satisfaction.  

Often we hear expectant mothers say they do not know they have options for their birth experience.  Other moms and dads know exactly what they want, for example, a “home birth” because the experience seems more intimate and personal. But home births have a huge burden of responsibility. Patients are comforted having a provider who is sensitive to the idea of personalizing the birth experience as much as possible without compromising the providers’ ability to effectively respond to an adverse situation. We like to offer moms a place where the approach to prenatal care is positive and comforting knowing that our goals are to understand their goals.

Dr. Kells was inspired by evidence suggesting that integrating midwives could reduce the number of c-sections while improving patient compliance, pregnancy outcomes, and overall patient satisfaction. This integration has fit perfectly with his model of a patient centered home, and has indeed improved both the quality of his practice and the satisfaction of his patients. He believes that the two professions are mutually beneficial and expectant mothers would benefit from the two professions working collectively to improve outcomes in the safest manner. 

As a leader in East Valley women’s care, iWomen’s Health Care was one of the first practices in the area to offer the option of a midwifery-supported prenatal care and birth experience. At iWomen’s Health Care, the midwife and physician work together, you get the services of both if it’s your preference. If your pregnancy becomes high risk, you can continue to see the midwife because we work together for the benefit of our patients. If you end up needing a c-section, your midwife, who you’ve developed a relationship with, can still be there to support you.

A Deeper Look at Patient Health: Intentionally Small practice
We see many health care practices growing larger with multiple offices and many physicians. For appointments and regular healthcare, this may work, but if you want to have “your” doctor deliver your baby and you have 8, 12 or more OB doctors working within a practice, your chances of your doctor being on the rotation and available is reduced drastically.

Dr. Kells has a team of just two physicians, Dr. Phillip Garza MD and himself. Dr. Phillip Garza, originally from New Jersey joined iWomen’s Health Care from Colorado six months ago.  He had been with a hospital based practice and wanted to have the opportunity to practice in a small practice much as his father had in his youth.  
Additional support staff includes Maria Drury, Certified Nurse Midwife, and Gina Faupel, ARDMS, Medical Diagnostic Sonographer.

Our team of talented professionals and medical assistants, with their many years of experience in providing excellent healthcare, gives a wide range of integrated obstetrics and gynecological services to promote wellness and assist with family planning. Here, we put a premium on getting to know our patients personally to provide the highest quality of care.

Come with an idea of what you want but have an open mind. If you are not sure what you want, ask what are my options?  Don’t be afraid to ask questions and express your concerns.  Pregnancy should be a happy, good experience, and if you are worrying about something, it can interfere with your experience. 

Get to know your doctor and share your thoughts and expectations. Make sure your doctor understands your needs and goals and is willing to accommodate when possible. For example, allowing mom to labor in alternative positions, doing what makes her most comfortable, even if it’s not the “normal” methods.

Dr. Kells attended the University Of Colorado School Of Medicine in Denver. After completing his Ob/Gyn internship and residency at Maricopa Medical Center, he went on to gain experience in a large multi-specialty group before opening his private practice. Dr. Kells also served on the Perinatal Safety Committee for Dignity Health and the Physician’s Advisory Committee.

iWomen’s Health Care is a boutique style practice that believes in partnering with patients for care.

For information or to schedule a consultation call 480.855.5900, email: or visit Se habla español.

“Your care, your comfort, our expertise!”

Maria Drury

Our certified Nurse Midwife, Maria Drury, graduated from Frontier University in 2011. Before becoming a midwife, she was a Registered Nurse for eleven years including eight years as a Labor and Delivery RN at Chandler Regional Medical Center. “As a nurse, I loved helping women during childbirth, which led me to pursue a Master’s Degree in Midwifery. Maria believes it’s important to listen to each patient and help them achieve their preferred birth plan while prioritizing the safety of both baby and mother.

Treating each patient as an individual and enjoy being a part of the entire pregnancy, both before and after delivery makes iWomen’s Health Care a perfect place for Maria to practice because of the shared philosophy of care.

A Message from David Kells, MD

I liked two things when I was growing up: science and helping people. In college, I came to see medicine as the best fusion of the two.

I chose my specialty because it is fulfilling. As an Obstetrician I’m privileged to guide families during some of the most exciting events of their life.  As a Gynecologist, I enjoy continuing to care for women year after year.  I am blessed by patient loyalty and mutual respect.  I feel honored to see their lives evolve over time. Obviously when there are concerns we focus on a care plan but when there are no concerns we discuss “life” and the joys and challenges that come with living.  Preventative is an integral part of well visits.  Obstetrics and gynecology is the perfect specialty for me because it’s extremely people-focused—everyone who knows me will tell you I love talking to people and making them smile.

I started my career working at a large multi-specialty group; after a few years, I wanted more personal freedom to deliver better, more personalized care. When the opportunity arose, I took the chance and opened my own practice bringing my experience and skills from a high-volume practice to a more intimate, personal tailored boutique. 

Today, 25 years later, we are intentionally a small practice compared to others in the area. Our size allows us to provide more individualized care to patients. We’re able to better monitor our patients’ physical, psychological, and social well-being throughout the childbearing cycle and offer education, counseling, and assistance. Plus, unlike large group practices, our patients know exactly which physician or midwife will be there during their labor and delivery.

To me, practicing medicine is an honor; the birthing experience is something fun, exciting, and worth celebrating—I want my patients to feel that way too. I humbly predict that the trend of having physician owned medical practices will come back into vogue. We will continue to partner with those discerning women that appreciate the subtle but meaningful difference of what is offered at iWomen’s Health Care. Back to Top

June 07, 2016
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