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In-Home Care Assistance with the Assurance to Feel Right at Home

  June 03, 2017
Submitted by Right at Home

Right at Home in-home care and assistance is a non-medical company that assists seniors with daily living needs and surrounds them with loving care. Our first priority is to meet each senior’s specific needs, but we also care greatly about supporting the communities they call home. Partnerships with area businesses and organizations are keys to a healthy environment that supports positive and safe neighborhoods. We passionately believe that building each other up and providing safe, caring spaces aid in making our world a better place and allow us all to feel right at home.

Right at Home is a national company, but we consider our staff and clients to be more like family. Today's busy world makes it more difficult for friends and families to live near and to lend a helping hand, so we serve in that role when possible. Clients choose as little or as much as much of our assistance they would like, and we tailor our services around each client.

We also offer our clients to voluntarily follow us in support of local community and charity events. Neighbors helping neighbors is rewarding and gives all a sense of community value.

Genuine care and positive purpose for each client is our main goal. This type of care for people and places is truly what adds life to our days and joy to our years, which promotes living longer and happier lives.
Listed below are some of the main questions we get about our services.

What is in-home care?
Non-medical assistance in your own home to give you the reassurance needed to live self-sufficiently.

Is a physician’s order required for services?
No. However we do serve as a resource for physicians to help many patients.

What type of assistance?
We are trained and licensed professionals with experience to lend an extra helping hand and be a watchful eye, so you can maintain Independence. Regardless if you live in your private home or in a facility, we bring our care to you, helping you live each day to the fullest.

Our services include assisting with cooking, preparing meals, buying groceries, laundry, transportation, assisting with daily activities, medication reminders, a doctors visit, physical assistance with bathing or dressing, or assist you during or after a hospital stay to ensure a speedy recovery. Basically, you tell us just what you need to make your life more enjoyable. We will tailor services to your needs.

Can I trust a person in my home?
All of our caregivers are background checked and have experience. Most of our caregivers hold a MS State license as a certified nursing assistant. Nothing is guaranteed, but we certainly believe the person we send to you will provide you with the best possible care. Most of our clients soon build a relationship with our staff that can last a lifetime.

Who can benefit from our services?
Any person over the age of 21. A person does not have to be elderly or disabled to benefit from in-home care assistance.

Are we home health or hospice?
No. But if you are currently receiving care from either home health or hospice, then you can still use us. We might be the only care you need, but if you would like to use our services and still receive home health or hospice, then we aim to make it happen. We have great relationships with several home health and hospice companies.

What type of payment is needed?
  • Private pay ­­— you can call our office to discuss hourly rates or schedule a free consultation. We can easily set up a payment plan that works for you.
  • Long Term care insurance — Most long-term care plans have us listed as a provider. We are happy to assist you or your agent with any details or questions.
  • VA (veterans benefits) — Yes we do accept veterans benefits. You have to go through you local VA office to apply for these benefits. We have great contacts with each of our county veterans offices and specialize in helping you or them with any questions.
  • Medicaid — We are currently awaiting approval to serve as a Medicaid waiver provider.
Whatever your pay source is, we strive to make it as easy and affordable as possible in order for you to get the help you need.

How do we compare to other companies like us?

Our services are much the same as others, but we strive to make every effort in making you feel completely Right at Home. Right at Home is a national company, but we are locally owned. We make our home in the heart of Jones County and in the city of Laurel. We currently serve the many clients in our neighboring counties all around us. While our business is primarily to serve those in need within their own home, we passionately feel that it is important to help our community and the counties where we actively serve. We feel that what goes on inside our homes can positively or negatively impact our communities. So, we try to partner with many area businesses and organizations to positively build up and support the growth of our hometown communities. Please tune in to your local TV and radio stations to learn of the many events where our Right at Home family has partnered with others to make a positive difference. Our mission is adding life to your days and joy to your years.

How to request our services?
Simply call our office at 601-426-6333 to learn more and to schedule a free consultation or visit our website at Back to Top

June 03, 2017
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