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Importance of Senior Independence

  August 06, 2017

From the early stages of life we are taught to care for ourselves. We learn that independence is important for success, boosts confidence, promotes happiness, increases sense of accomplishment, and the list continues. The wish to be independent stays with us from those early years to the later stages.

Many times, seniors feel that their independence is the only thing they can control as they age and life changes. Allowing a senior to maintain their independence promotes self-worth. While some seniors are able to live with little to no assistance, others are not. When a senior is in need of more assistance, it is important to find the proper care that allows them to continue living as independently but as safe as possible.

Smaller assisted living communities with high staff-to-resident ratios allow seniors to be more involved in their daily activities of living in addition to participating in duties of the home, all depending on ones’ capabilities. Smaller communities provide staff the ability to be able to spend more time with their seniors and encourage them with opportunities to do things for themselves. Along with household tasks, involving seniors in activities they enjoy, such as playing games, crafts, going for walks, meal time around tables with loved ones and other seniors, and group outings, fosters a sense of purpose for seniors.

Wherever your loved one is in their later stages of life, remember to respect and honor their independence while keeping them safe. This is a life adjustment for seniors, and smaller assisted living communities really support maintaining independence. Staff at these communities provide support, patience, and quality care that make this transition easier for your loved ones.

For over 20 years, Country Comfort Retirement Homes has encouraged senior independence through quality activity programs and high staff-to-resident ratios. To learn more about Country Comforts licensed assisted living and Alzheimer’s care homes, reach out to 309-364-3607. Visit online at Locations in Elmwood, Henry, and Princeton.

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August 06, 2017
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