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What Is Health Coaching?

  December 06, 2020
Submitted by Five Points Washington

At Five Points Washington, we strive to help members of the community become the best version of themselves. We offer fitness, nutrition, and now health coaching to help accomplish this goal. Health coaching is new to Five Points and is gaining traction in the fitness industry.

What is health coaching?
Health coaching facilitates the development of personal health and wellness goals and a plan for achieving those goals utilizing strategic planning, values clarification, brain storming, motivational interviewing, accountability, and nonjudgmental coaching techniques. It is a person’s own motivations, strengths, and core values that allow them to make the changes that they choose to do. A health coach helps an individual learn to tap into those and work out a plan to overcome obstacles that may have been a factor in the past.

What does a health coach do?
A health coach specializes in behavior change to help people implement diet and lifestyle goals. A health coach helps an individual determine HOW to accomplish their goals according to what works best for THEM. A health coach offers on-going support when they want or need to make changes for their health, but don’t know how to start. A health coach empowers a person to make healthy choices by providing research-backed information on how to eat and live in a way that is in sync with our human biology and therefore allows us to thrive.

Meet our Health Coach
Our health coach, Barb Woods, specializes in behavior change and offers a positive and supported environment for clients to make healthy lifestyle choices and overcome obstacles. Woods will coach clients in an effort to lose weight, reduce inflammation, and improve systems of chronic illness through methods such as eating nutritionally-dense and delicious whole foods while avoiding problem foods. Barb has first-hand knowledge of how making healthy choices can have a lasting impact on overall health.

Come check it out!

We offer several different packages and payment options to fit any need. If you are interested in Five Points Health Coaching, please contact Megan Stevenart at Back to Top

December 06, 2020


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