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How to Turn Your Senior Care Crisis Into Something Manageable

  July 09, 2019
By Rhonda Boles, Covenant Caregivers

Some of my favorite phone calls are the ones from people in crisis situations. Several times a week, I get calls from clients that sound something like this;  “My mom just fell, and we are on our way to the emergency room.” or “The retirement home where my dad lives called and said he was really confused.”  or “I’ve been caring for my mom in my home and I’m exhausted.”  And usually the very next statement they all utter is “I think we need some help.” 

Very few people call the Covenant Caregivers office knowing exactly what they need. Most are children or family members in uncharted waters, and they feel like they are drowning. Some of our callers have been given long lists from social workers of home care providers, assisted livings, home health care, and hospice agencies. Others have seen advertisements for every kind of senior living community but have no idea which place best suits their loved one. The services available to seniors are vast and confusing, and while we would love to think that the elder care industry is all about compassionate care and putting seniors needs before our own, the reality is that senior care is big business. Every company is interested in selling you their service, and if family members are not smart consumers, they can end up with an expensive service that does little to ease the caregiver burden. Our goal at Covenant Caregivers is to turn your senior care crisis into something manageable, and turn your crisis call into a sigh of relief.

All companies are experts at the services they provide, but very few companies can say they understand the senior care system the way that Covenant Caregivers does. Our management staff has worked on the front lines in hospice, home health, and assisted living, and our combined knowledge makes Covenant Caregivers an excellent first point of contact. Daily, we are working inside hospitals and senior living communities. Our caregivers and management staff work in conjunction with home health and hospice providers. All these experiences give Covenant Caregivers a unique perspective. We know what works and what doesn’t because we have experienced it. And while we would love to be the ones to care for your loved one, we also really want your loved one to have the kind of care that they need. The kind of care that will lead to recovery, progress, or the peaceful acceptance of a new phase of life.

So, I hope that when you find yourself in a senior care crisis you will give Covenant Caregivers a call. I’m confident that whoever answers the phone, they can get you the help you need, but I really hope that I’m the one on the other end of your crisis call; because nothing feels as good as knowing you have helped someone.

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July 09, 2019


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