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How to “Find Your Fit”

  May 03, 2019

Submitted by Patrick Irby, Anatomies, President and Operating Manager

Each year, we are exposed to countless advertisements, infomercials, and products that claim to be the newest and best way to achieve weight loss, fitness, or wellbeing. It can likely lead to sensory overload and possible confusion as to which program really is the key to lasting success.

Having worked in the industry for over 26 years, I’ve been exposed to and participated in almost every program conceivable. This has led to the conclusion about what program truly is best. The truth is that none of them are! The only fact you can deduce is that any program or person that claims to be the “be all, end all” is wrong, plain and simple.

What is clear is that results are achieved through two primary elements: consistency and increasing intensity of exercise. Another clear fact is that those primary elements are obtained only when the exercise connects with a program that is right for the individual. There are countless examples within our club of exercisers who have connected with a program that they are passionate about. From that passion comes a consistency never before attained and an enthusiasm to gradually increase the intensity of a program in a safe way.

Although a percentage of us are able to connect with programming individually, many, including myself, often find it easier to connect through group activities or with an exercise partner. A qualified coach or trainer can also be instrumental in providing guidance and monitoring your success.

Groups also provide an environment of comradery and accountability. This is a crucial factor on the days that we simply don’t feel like exercising. Let’s compare your pursuit of fitness to learning to play a musical instrument. It is all but certain that lessons with a qualified teacher would yield you greater results than going at it alone.

I strongly encourage you to consult a professional to assist you with finding a program that is both realistic and enjoyable for you. In our club, we offer a club representative who is trained to assess each new or existing member and recommend training or other programs that suit their needs and activity level.

When working with a fitness professional, careful recommendations will be made based on your personal goals, current level of fitness, and exercise history. Once you are paired with the ideal program based on your needs, I am confident that results will be sure to follow. Even more importantly, you’ll enjoy the process! Whether you are eager to try dance or step aerobics, boxing, cross training, yoga or pilates, high-intensity classes, personal training, or small-group training; there’s a place for you. We welcome the opportunity to work with you until you find that program best suited for you and help you find your fit!

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May 03, 2019


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