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  January 03, 2018

Beginning in Hattiesburg in 1994, under founders Mike and Janet McElroy, HMP Nursing Services has been serving the Hattiesburg and Central Mississippi community for over 20 years. HMP Nursing Services was created from a need to provide staff relief to Bedford Care Centers, and as the company flourished, HMP Nursing extended its provided services to other local healthcare facilities as well as offering private duty nursing for in-home care.

“One of the advantages to being a locally owned and operated company,” HMP Nursing’s Director of Marketing and Public Relations, Christen Bean explains, “Is that we can hold our employees to a very high standard. We accept nothing short of excellence,” Bean continued. The Hattiesburg community has come to associate excellence with HMP Nursing and trusts their loved ones with the quality care that is provided by this local company and the trusted name of the McElroy family. As a sister company, HMP Nursing provides staff relief to Bedford Care Centers, and just this year, Bedford Care Center of Hattiesburg won the prestigious 2017 Silver Achievement in Quality.

HMP Nursing achieves this level of excellence by hand-selecting their employees from hundreds of applicants; once selected after meeting the strict criteria, HMP then provides additional training and continuing education. “Every employee has to go through thorough training and orientation. The staff is specially trained and screened — background checks, drug screenings, and personal interviews to ensure skilled and personable nurses. This ensures that we hold our nurses to a high standard,” Bean said of the HMP staff. “Nurses and nurse aids have certainly earned their positions here and are well compensated. Not only are benefits such as dental and vision offered, but a 401K as well. Really, when employees are hired here, they become a part of our family.”

How HMP is impacting the community
“The McElroys care about the community and give back in many ways to make sure that Hattiesburg is a great place to live and work. As a company, we really want to see our community be the best that it can be,” Bean said, “Everyone knows everyone in Hattiesburg, and the McElroy name is certainly something to be celebrated in our city. They live here and love our community.” The McElroy family and HMP Nursing recently donated $125,000 to the University of Southern Mississippi’s nursing program. “Our family realizes the importance of continuing education through the College of Nursing at The University of Southern Mississippi. The quality of nursing graduates plays a vital role in both the Hattiesburg community and surrounding areas. It is a great honor for our family to support the University,” said Michael McElroy, Jr., son of Mike and Janet. Michael serves as president of Bedford Health Properties, the parent company of HMP Nursing Services. $25,000 of the donation was for the creation of the HMP Scholarship — one that would be awarded under the conditions of excellence. Requirements to receive the new scholarship include a 3.0 grade point average, Mississippi residency, and financial need. A large classroom has also been named for the McElroys and HMP Nursing Services. This further demonstrates the importance of a local company contributing to the community and the educational growth of the Pinebelt.

Rod Williams, a graduate of the University of Southern Mississippi and HMP Scholarship recipient said, “HMP Nursing supported me through the years of study it took me to be a nurse practitioner. From practical nurse to RN, Jay Slaughter and Nikki Williams had my back and worked with my schedule and needs. I am thankful for the scholarship and support they gave me and my family.”

How HMP is impacting lives
With over 180 employees on the roster, HMP holds their employees to rigorous standards and expects quality service. The HMP Nursing mission is to provide quality nursing care to the Hattiesburg community and surrounding areas. HMP Nursing tailors services to the individual needs of the clients and patients, whether it be a medical facility or in the comfort of home. All services are rendered by experienced personnel and offer private, exclusive care for your loved ones. Nurses treat their clients and patients like family and often service families for years. Since the founding of the company in 1994, the HMP Nursing staff has been ensuring that their patient’s individual healthcare needs be met with quality care. HMP Nursing has strict internal protocols covering everything from documentation to education. The HMP Nursing credentialing process includes:
  • Current MS Nursing License in good standing
  • Proof of a negative TB skin test/chest x-ray
  • Hepatitis series or release
  • Two satisfactory references from previous or current employers
  • Criminal records check through the MSDH
  • Drug testing
  • Med Pass Competency Test
Staff relief
Staff relief is a service we provide to a skilled nursing facility, independent living center, clinic, or hospital. Our clients contact us when they need a qualified healthcare professional on a short-term or long-term assignment. HMP Nursing Services, Inc. offers dependable nursing services to medical facilities and long term nursing facilities throughout south and central Mississippi. “Our business model works great for our employees because they can accept any shifts and make their own schedules. Staff can work as much or little as they want. A lot of our employees have full-time jobs but are able to stay onboard with HMP Nursing because our hours are flexible,” Christen Bean explains.

“This illustrates how HMP Nursing is committed to be accessible to the individuals needs at all times — by having flexible hours and an extensive staff, everyone is satisfied.”

Only a phone call away
HMP Nursing believes communication is the most important factor of client satisfaction. That is why the management staff will always be “only a phone call away.”

“We can be reached anytime of the day or night. Our employees are available 24/7,even on the holidays,” Christen Bean explains. “Private Duty employees care for patients in their own homes for as little as four hours, or as much as 24 hours. We primarily take care of senior adults and the elderly, but we service anyone of any age, including children. We really provide piece of mind for those that can’t be available 24 hours a day,” Bean continues.

HMP is sensitive to the value of warm, personal care for each patient. HMP’s Private Duty Nursing exists to improve the quality of people’s lives in the community, with particular emphasis on the needs of those facing a change in life style due to disease, disability, infirmity, or advanced age and the staff is always available to ensure the patient’s needs are met.

HMP Nursing Services' emphasis is on satisfied clients, the people who receive the benefits of our skills. Therefore, all of the employees are screened and verified with education, experience, and empathy for patients and their families. Because there is anticipated concern about someone new in your facility or home, HMP also takes extra care to provide the right caregivers to meet your individual requirements.

If you would like more information regarding HMP community and home based professional services,please call us at 601-271-6004 or 1-800-796-1197.

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January 03, 2018
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