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Heritage Health Therapy & Senior Care Redefining Senior Healthcare

  September 06, 2016
Submitted by Heritage Enterprises

Redefining what people think about senior healthcare is a challenge because most people tend to think of a nursing home with images of the elderly sitting in wheelchairs or playing Bingo. This is not the focus of what senior health care is at Heritage Health in Chillicothe.

A defining factor of senior health care today is about short-term therapy and returning home. Many seniors suffer an accident or schedule elective surgery then typically need a temporary stay somewhere that offers specialized rehabilitative care before going home. At Heritage Health, there is special focus on successful therapy outcomes with unparalleled therapy services.

A heritage of healthcare
The building that is Heritage Health today was originally built in 1964. An addition took place in 1984, followed by an expansion that increased the capacity of the building to 110 beds in 1995. In 1997, the building was acquired by Heritage Enterprises, headquartered in Bloomington, Illinois.

Melissa Stachowiak, the administrator at Heritage Health in Chillicothe, points out that today, there are two distinct levels of care: residential and RESTORE. Residential care is for those who choose to make Heritage Health their home, and RESTORE is for those who plan to return to their own homes. Both Residential and RESTORE provide the highest quality nursing care in addition to physical, occupational, speech, and respiratory therapies. RESTORE has a dedicated unit offering private rooms for patients who need only short-term rehab or nursing care. “We recognize the distinct needs and wants of those who need our care and our new renovations allow us to focus on therapy and getting home,” she says.

RESTORE: elevating rehab services
Heritage Health completed a substantial renovation to the existing building located at Hillcrest Drive in Chillicothe earlier this year. Significant goals of the general building remodel focused on elevating RESTORE Therapy Services (therapy programs featured exclusively at Heritage Health) and offering private room accommodations to effectively support the healing process for those short-term patients.

The RESTORE Therapy Gym was expanded and relocated within the building to more effectively serve the rehab needs of both the short-term and longer-term patients. The new gym has more room to accommodate a variety of therapy equipment with advanced features by Biodex and Keiser. The unique offerings at Heritage include the following:
  • The Biodex Unweighing System allows patients to regain strength and confidence to walk again with a suspension and weight-bearing system. The therapist can be hands-on for assistance while the resident will not have the fear of falling.

  • The Biodex Balance System offers a variety of exercises to regain a steady balance and gait, thus decreasing falls. This provides an immediate printout evaluation of the patient’s results that is evidence based, meaning it eliminates the subjective aspect of therapy evaluation. The more precise the results, the more effective the general progress of the patient.

  • Keiser equipment provides pneumatic resistance or resistance from compressed air which allows for a more controlled or consistent exercise.
Also, the staff of therapists has longevity together as a team at Heritage Health in Chillicothe. Brad Rummel, Program Manager, has overseen the therapy services for eight years. “I love what I do, and our team works incredibly well together. The new therapy gym has allowed us to focus on the individual needs of the patient, whether it be cooking a meal or a functional task, such as working on strength and balance required for that activity,” comments Rummel. He and his team of physical, occupational, and speech therapists have successfully treated short-term patients and long-term residents over the years in a less-impressive therapy room. While the quality of their therapy treatment, coaching, and expertise has not changed, the new RESTORE Therapy Gym elevates the fine work they continue to do.


Heritage recognized the need to cater to the patient’s desire for privacy. The designated therapy wing is set apart on one side of the building. This short-term wing offers private suites. It can be a difficult process when an individual who needs short-term therapy care must share living space with a complete stranger while trying to recuperate. The design and amenities of the private patient suites are conducive to healing and the goal of returning home.

Areas of the renovation in addition to the new therapy gym, short-term wing, and private suites included an expanded dining room with a fireplace, and a modern overall décor to the common areas throughout the building (Take a virtual tour at your convenience:

Choosing the right care

In a time of need, you may not know where to begin getting the appropriate help. At Heritage, we understand that you will have many questions when faced with a sudden healthcare need. If you have a question about therapy treatment, respite care, Medicare or skilled nursing care, turn to Heritage Health of Chillicothe. Whether or not you choose Heritage Health as your care provider, we want to help you understand your options and help you get the proper care for your particular situation.

The Heritage Health difference

While the upgrade to the physical plant of the building is key to the immediate visual appeal of Heritage Health, it is the intangible aspect of the care that makes their healthcare services unique to others who offer the same services. “We are proud to have such advanced pieces of therapy equipment in addition to respiratory therapy seven days a week. We have a small town family atmosphere here. I do believe our home feels different [than any other],” says Stachowiak.

For more information about short-term rehab/RESTORE Therapy Services at Heritage Health on Hillcrest Drive, please call Blake Lopeman or Missy Herridge at 309-274-2194, or visit Back to Top

September 06, 2016
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