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Help Yourself While Helping Others

  August 01, 2019

Submitted by Lutheran Hillside Village

Despite having more ways to connect than ever before, many people report feeling more disconnected or a lack of true connections. Naturally, many of us are seeking out ways to create more meaningful connections and make better use of our time and talents. Through volunteer opportunities you can create these deeper connections, use your time and talents, and receive many more benefits. By volunteering a few hours a week, you can reap these benefits and more.

Volunteering is good for your mind and body
Giving back naturally makes people feel good. Doing good also gives a boost of self confidence and sense of accomplishment. In addition, studies have shown that volunteers are more active than their non-volunteer peers; this is especially true for older volunteers.

Volunteering gives you purpose
As people get older, the risk of isolation increases. Volunteering helps to mitigate this by giving meaningful purpose. By helping others you’ll be engaging in mentally stimulating activities and focusing on others.

Volunteering is fun and fulfilling
By finding the right volunteer opportunity, you can explore new areas of interest or a passion of yours. Volunteering can be an energizing experience that helps you to grow creatively and socially.

Looking to take advantage of these benefits of volunteering? Lutheran Hillside Village, a Lutheran Senior Services Life Plan Community in Peoria, Illinois, has a variety of opportunities for those interested in volunteering.

“I always look forward to volunteering to help with the SAIDO sessions at Lutheran Hillside Village,” says Char Baker, who has been volunteering with Lutheran Hillside Village since 2018. “The residents are so fun to work with and they are always willing to participate.”

SAIDO programming is available to residents in Memory Care at Lutheran Hillside Village. It’s a specially developed program to help slow the effects of dementia and Alzheimer’s through learning activities. After a brief training, volunteers engage with residents and walk them through the exercises. A few hours a month can greatly improve the quality of life for the participant—and for the volunteer too!

“The residents often tell me how much they appreciate me coming,” adds Baker. “The staff is so friendly and welcoming. It’s a place I always enjoy going to.”

Lutheran Hillside Village, a Lutheran Senior Services Life Plan Community, offers a variety of services and amenities and a robust calendar full of activities and educational opportunities for all residents. Lutheran Senior Services is built on a 160-year tradition of service excellence. As part of the Lutheran Senior Services family, Lutheran Hillside Village has the support and stability to ensure they’ll be here to take care of residents’ needs long into the future.

To visit Lutheran Hillside Village and see our Life Plan Community, which offers all levels of living, call 309-689-9605. To learn more about Lutheran Hillside Village and Lutheran Senior Services, visit Back to Top

August 01, 2019


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