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Heartland Health Care Center Reaching Higher, Together

  May 08, 2018

Submitted by Heartland Health Care Center

Sometimes, you just need a little boost to reach a goal beyond your grasp. Especially after a surgery or injury. While you may be on the mend, you’re not as fully capable as you once were. You may feel alright enough, considering the circumstances, but you’re still shy of 100 percent, and you may not be totally ready to return to the life you led before. So, where do you turn when staying at the hospital is behind you, but going home immediately poses some new challenges?

For many who have been recently hospitalized, the first stop before returning home is skilled nursing care, where they receive post-acute medical care and rehabilitation to continue on their road of healing and individualism in a comfortable, safe environment. Others still, require professional assistance in recovering their capabilities after a trying hospitalization.

Rehabilitation isn’t just for those recovering from hospitalization, either. In a recent Heartland study, it was found that 57 percent of American adults are diagnosed with two or more chronic conditions — like a stroke or diabetes — and have related troubles with activities of daily living such as eating, bathing, or dressing. Of those adults, 62 percent do not have a support system at home to assist, so they often fail to rehabilitate to functionality again or make do with lowered standards of living.

Heartland Health Care of Springfield has a proven record for helping people with rehabilitation needs fill the gap between hospital and home or simply restore independent living at home with specialized care in their advanced facility, offering short-term rehab to home care. Proper rehabilitation of recently discharged patients can help them learn to effectively manage new restrictions and routines and ease their post-discharge recovery. Therapies offered can not only help patients manage their health and independence, but they may help reduce symptoms and even prevent future hospitalization through learning safe and proper activity for the home. At Heartland, 83 percent of their patients are discharged home after regaining functional independence, and most stay less than 30 days to achieve this goal.

The speedy turnaround for most patients shouldn’t be confused with haste, however. The Heartland team consists of seasoned professionals focused on physical, occupational, and speech therapy, providing their services in a care-focused environment that isn’t available with in-home care or office visits. Extensive access to the patients combined with a well-equipped facility allows for intensive rehabilitation and care monitoring that results in exceptional outcomes. Moreover, no contractors are employed by Heartland’s therapy staff; all therapists at Heartland are in-house, meaning that patients receive care from professionals that they come to know well, and who, in-turn, become very familiar with patient progress and needs. Should there ever come a time that a patient needs to return for additional therapy, they’re sure to meet familiar faces.

For patients who still have medical needs, Heartland provides nursing capabilities so that patients may receive the complex medical care that they need, which would otherwise be unavailable after discharge from their hospital stay.

While undergoing short-term rehab, guests are welcome to stay in the private recovery suites available solely to those undergoing rehabilitation, which includes cable television and an additional bed in the room for spouses or loved ones looking to support the patient through their journey of recovery. Spouses may even attend therapy sessions and often receive coaching in helping their loved one function safely at home, including how to adapt the home and routine to best accommodate their patient’s new capabilities. A stay in the on-site recovery suites allows patients to rest and relax in peace between sessions, all the while having immediate access to their therapy team and the rehabilitation technology available at Heartland’s facility. Not only may they recover in comfort, but a guest may also partake of the other amenities available onsite.

During their stay, patients receive the full benefit of living at Heartland Health Care’s Manor Care, including access to the onsite beauty and barbershop, and three meals a day with snacks from any of their dining options, along with access to the dietary planning team. Between therapy activities, guests are free to partake in any of the activities arranged by the activity coordinator that are available to Manor Care residents. With physician clearance, guests may leave the facility temporarily with family or friends for some much-needed time relaxing or dining. Families are even welcome to come in to visit their patient and participate in the therapy process or activities offered to patient during their stay. When the time comes, the facility’s social worker will coordinate with the therapy team to create a discharge plan that will address the new needs of the patient as they prepare to transfer home. Even after you return home, Heartland is there, offering in-home therapies for patients with milder therapy needs or those that require continued maintenance of their therapy regimen.

Heartland Health Care’s goal is for the patient to be as comfortable as possible during their time of rehabilitation and transition, so they may recover and heal after hospitalization. Expert, comprehensive therapies combined with on-demand medical services help our guests meet their recovery goals, while the amenities and services offered help them recover in convenience and comfort. Hospitalization is difficult and uncomfortable; recovery doesn’t have to be. Let Heartland Health Care give you the boost you need to reach your recovery goals and achieve independence again.

For more information on Heartland Heath Care Center of Decatur, visit www.heartland-manorcare.com or call 217-877-7333.
Heartland Health Care Center of Decatur is located at 444 West Harrison Avenue, Decatur, IL.

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May 08, 2018
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