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Finding Comfort While Finding an Improved You

  April 04, 2016
By Madelyne Maag

Everyone deserves to feel comfortable and happy with the way they look, though that is not often the case. Sometimes all we need is a little confidence boost, but it can be difficult to feel that way when one feels set back by their appearance.

In the St. Louis Metro East, there is a practice that seeks to help its clients be comfortable and happy with their appearance again; that practice is MidAmerica Institute of Plastic and Cosmetic Surgery.

Owner and plastic surgeon Dr. Ryan Diederich opened MidAmerica nearly five years ago. After completing four years of medical school at the Southern Illinois University School of Medicine and six years of residency in Springfield, Illinois on Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery,  Diederich knew that he wanted to open up his own practice. “After I completed my training, I looked through several areas in several counties around St. Louis to decide where I could start my own practice,” Diederich says. “I had just looked at areas in West County when I started exploring the Metro East.”

Diederich added that he fell in love with the people of the St. Louis Metro East and knew that this was where he wanted to open his practice. Today, MidAmerica has two primary locations in Maryville and Highland, Illinois. In addition to these two locations, MidAmerica also provides its services inside a few other Metro East practices including Anderson Hospital in Maryville, Illinois; St. Anthony’s in Alton, Illinois; and Edwardsville Ambulatory Surgery Center in Edwardsville, Illinois.

Meet the Staff
Although Dr. Diederich conducts and oversees many of the services that MidAmerica provides, it’s the rest of the staff at MidAmerica that help clients maintain a sense of comfort and care throughout their services. Nine other employees may not seem like much when it comes to a large practice such as MidAmerica, but each of these positions include a nurse practitioner, esthetician, nurse injector, and medical assistants.

The benefit of having such a small staff is the personal connections made between this large practice and each of its clients. “Each staff member at MidAmerica is so passionate about what they do and care so much to see our clients find solutions and happiness,” Diederich says. “They are all very welcoming and inviting individuals. I chose them because they love what they do, care so much about their job, and so much about our clients.”

Services Provided by MidAmerica

From laser hair removal to different types of body procedures, MidAmerica Institute of Plastic Surgery provides a variety of services to its clients.

First off, the main, and likely most popular, services provided by MidAmerica include different types of body and body-specific procedures. These procedures include several parts of the body including hands, stomach, skin, neck, breasts, and parts of the face. Each of these parts of the body include anywhere from one to several types of procedures to help fulfill the client’s wishes and needs. “We do quite a few things as far as our procedures go. Just one aspect of our services are cosmetic,” Diederich says. “In addition to that, we do things like breast reconstruction or skin reconstruction for those who have suffered from cancer or trauma.”

Some of the frequently-used services include breast augmentation, reduction, reconstruction, tummy tuck, and body contouring after going through a significant weight loss. Diederich also added that clients tend to combine multiple services or procedures at a time. One of MidAmerica’s most commonly-used combinations of procedures offered is called the Mommy Makeover. The name and services provided in this combination were created for brand-new mothers who had just given birth. “Mommy Makeover is truly what the client wants it to be since all bodies are different and react differently after giving birth,” Diederich says.

In addition to the variety of procedures and surgeries provided by MidAmerica, they offer other minor procedures and noninvasive services to improve the quality of your skin. These procedures and services include Botox; other filler products to enhance the volume of the face; skin care treatments; micro-needling to improve the quality of skin; Kydella, which dissolves fat underneath the chin; laser hair removal; sclerotherapy or treatment for spider veins; and cosmetic services that specifically deal with skin or breast cancer. Although each service is unique, the amount of care and attention to detail is put at the highest level by staff members.

Why Come to MidAmerica?
The staff at MidAmerica Institute of Plastic Surgery strives to provide the most exceptional possible patient care, satisfaction, and outcome to each of its clients. Not only do they work toward this goal by giving a personal touch to each client, but they also seek to inform them of the misconceptions of plastic surgery and medical spa services.

One common misconception seen by Dr. Diederich and his staff is that their clients have to be quite wealthy in order to afford or consider the services provided by MidAmerica. Diederich said that he hardly ever finds this to be the case. “In all honesty, you don’t have to be very wealthy to use and enjoy the services we offer,” Diederich says. “We actually see a lot of your average, everyday people from the community come to us on a daily basis.”

In addition to this misconception, Diederich added that there are many individuals who are afraid to get cosmetic surgery done because they think that they will look plastic or fake. Dr. Diederich says that one of the major goals of his practice is to make clients look as natural and improved as possible. “I want people to come out with a natural look because I know a natural look will make them feel good, and that is a part of our goal as a practice,” Diederich says.

Over the years, Diederich said that he has seen many success stories come out of his practice. These stories range from successful weight loss and skin tightening after massive weight loss stories to breast reconstructions and facelifts. One story includes a mother of two who lost 60–70 pounds. Diederich said that she wasn’t happy when she originally came to them because she did not feel comfortable with the way she looked. “We worked with her and gave her some skin tightening since she had lost all of that weight,” Diederich says. “She was absolutely thrilled about how much better her clothes fit. She felt more whole about herself and happy that she completed the journey of weight loss.”

Diederich also added that MidAmerica seeks to help their clients until the end, when they are satisfied with the services they receive. When it comes to the demographics of their clientele, MidAmerica sees it all. Men and women in their early 20s to late 60s have come in for a number of different procedures and services.

“Although we see a number of women coming in for our services, we have also started to see more men coming in as well,” Diederich says. “Usually for our male clients, we seem them for different services that are noninvasive and require less downtime, which include Botox, fillers, Trusculpt fat removal, face lifts, tummy tucks, skin tightening after weight loss—you name it.”

There is no question that MidAmerica offers a variety of services to its client base. In order to consistently meet the goals of his business, Diederich will be moving his Maryville office to a larger building in the area on May 2. “We will be dramatically improving our services and care with the additional space of this new office,” Diederich says. “The quality of the building is much nicer and will give each of our clients a great experience from the moment they walk in to the second that they leave.”

For more information or to make an appointment at MidAmerica Institute of Plastic Surgery, please call 618-288-7855, or go online to
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April 04, 2016
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