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Eliminate Foods That Lead to Poor Health and Weight Gain

 Garner Healthy Living Everyday May 07, 2014
Judith Garner 
By Judith Garner, Garner Healthy Living Everyday

For those of us who want to lose weight, a food diary can be invaluable. It's been clinically proven that keeping track of what you eat is the most effective method for controlling and reducing your daily caloric intake. Many people feel they are eating a healthy diet, yet with the use of preservatives, additives, and chemicals being used by food manufacturers to give extended shelf life and flavoring, you may be harming your health and gaining excessive weight unknowingly. If you consume too much of these foods on a regular basis, it can actually harm the cells in your body, leading to health issues and possible disease onset.

Do you remember what you ate yesterday? Because we often do things on autopilot, including eating, it’s important to have a food journal. In the beginning, do not worry about caloric intake; the goal is to analyze what type of foods you are eating and to examine ingredients in those foods. Here’s what we’re looking for:

Preservatives are added to foods to extend their shelf life and are valuable to food manufacturers and supermarkets that want to leave products on the shelves until sold. The most common preservatives — and possibly the most dangerous in your body — are hydrogenated oils, or trans-fats. These oils are solidified with hydrogen and then added to food to preserve it. When you eat processed foods that have been preserved in this way, you are eating this fat. Trans-fats are among the worst kind of fat, as your body does not easily digest trans-fat like it breaks down unmodified real food. Trans-fats have been linked not only to obesity, but also to a variety of health issues. Whole foods, on the other hand, do not contain trans-fats.

A major cause of weight gain when it comes to food additives is high fructose corn syrup and refined sugar. They are used to enhance the flavor of many foods and drinks, from soda to ketchup, jellies, syrups, and pretty much any other sweet condiment or sauce that is not organic (having limited synthetic input). The body cannot break down high fructose corn syrup as effectively as simple sugars. For you, this can lead not only to weight gain, but also other health issues. Currently there are emerging scientific studies that indicate refined added sugars lead to addiction.

Added Chemicals
When you consume food with toxic chemicals, such as residue from the pesticides found on many fruits and vegetables that do not come from an organic farm, you are consuming something that does not belong in your body. These chemicals tend to be very fat soluble, meaning your body responds to consumption by storing these chemicals as fat.

Enriched Flours
Almost all bread, pasta, and baked goods are made with white flour, or highly processed flours — a derivative of what was once a wheat grain. When wheat is ground up and processed into white flour it is no longer the same wheat physically or nutritionally. Almost all nutrients once contained in wheat are lost in the process of creating white flour. In 1941, severe nutritional problems prompted our government to pass legislation requiring certain nutrients be added back into flour. Therefore the flour has to be “enriched” during the processing to add some nutrient back in. This kind of flour is like an anti-nutrient in the body and causes nutrients to be leached from body tissues during the digestion process.  Lack of good nutrition can lead to weight gain and other health issues.

Cellular Health
Many people attribute weight problems to predisposed “genetics” thinking it is a problem that runs in their family, but the truth is that being overweight is a sign the cells in your body are malfunctioning.  When cells malfunction, the body is no longer able to maintain homeostasis (balance) by regulating and repairing itself. Cells in the body can malfunction in a number of ways generally caused by either deficiency or toxicity. This is why what we consume into our bodies, whether it’s from eating food or through skin absorption, is critical to our health.

Overweight and obese people need to heal their cells. Proper diet and lifestyle changes that improve cellular health are virtually guaranteed to solve weight problems. For example, often an addiction to sugar is part of the problem; once discovered, this problem needs to be treated like an addiction. Weight problems are often a prelude to more serious chronic diseases on the horizon.

A Different Perspective Toward Weight Issues
Some people think being overweight is more of a beauty or fashion concern rather than a serious health problem leading to potential disease. This type of perspective most commonly does not promote lasting weight loss and optimal health. Being overweight is a health issue as serious as any disease out there that affects the degeneration of the body.

If you are ready to get started journaling to analyze the ingredients you’re eating in your food, contact Garner Healthy Living Everyday at 480-560-7842. Ask for our complimentary PDF journal form with instruction that will be emailed and is downloadable. Use the form to track your food intake daily for at least one full week. Next, call Judith Garner, certified independent health coach at 480-560-7842 for a free 10–15 minute phone consultation to receive personalized self-guided steps that you can take to lose weight and other resources you can use to improve your health.

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 Garner Healthy Living Everyday| May 07, 2014

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