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Dr. Schurger Answers Your Chiropractic Questions

  January 08, 2018

Submitted by Upper Cervical Springfield

A great deal of confusion exists about chiropractic care — is it safe? Does it really work? Is it going to hurt? How does it help? This month, Dr. Schurger answers some of the most common questions about chiropractic care and dispels some persistent myths.

What can a patient expect when they seek chiropractic care?
We find that patients often have seen many different providers before they seek care in our office. Often the response is they’ve “tried everything” and are at their wits’ end. We hear a lot of “I’ve tried chiropractic before, and it didn’t work” without them realizing there are different kinds of chiropractors. Our focus at Upper Cervical Springfield is structural chiropractic. This focuses on correcting the structure of the body, and misalignments in that structure that cause secondary conditions to arise.

How does chiropractic care produce relief?
Chiropractic is unique in healthcare as it doesn’t treat conditions in the traditional format. Traditional medicine treats conditions largely by treating symptoms associated with an illness. With Upper Cervical Chiropractic, our focus is on correcting structural displacements at the most mobile area of the spine, the craniocervical junction, whose misalignment can cause a cascade of health events, including body imbalance and spinal cord pressure. As a result, conditions like neck pain, headaches, low-back pain, sciatica, and knee and foot pain all result from craniocervical displacement. Childhood conditions like ear infections, asthma and allergies, learning difficulties, and bed wetting respond well due to adjustments in neurological pressure. Even more severe neurological issues like multiple sclerosis, Parkinson’s, fibromyalgia, and trigeminal neuralgia respond well to correction of the structural displacement of the craniocervical junction. Upper cervical adjustment can be effectively utilized to alleviate the core cause of these conditions, creating lasting relief.

What is the process from the initial evaluation to the end of treatment?
With every patient who enters our office, we sit down and have a conversation. This gives us an opportunity to identify what a person has been dealing with, for how long, and what kind of traumas they’ve encountered in their life. Most people will have forgotten the initial trauma that actually started them down this path of lost health, as the trauma may have been years, or even decades before they started to have symptoms. There is never a charge for this conversation, as we have to first establish that you’re in the right office for the symptoms you experience. The next step is a comprehensive exam and, if necessary, specific imaging of the craniocervical junction which allows us to determine down to a half millimeter what your specific structural displacement looks like. This doesn’t sound like a lot, but spinal cord pressure starts at such a small displacement. This is very much like the little bit of food caught between your teeth after a meal. It feels like the biggest chunk of something until you remove it and see that it’s a tiny spec of food.

Dr. Schurger then takes the evening to evaluate the data and come up with a care plan to reestablish normal structural integrity. It would be nice to say that we can move a bone once and everything stays perfectly in alignment for the rest of your life, but most people have had chronic health conditions by the time they find Upper Cervical Chiropractic. As such, the body has old habits that require gradual retraining. This is why we recommend regular follow-ups early on to make sure their correction holds. If it does displace again, we are then able to correct in a timely manner before secondary conditions resurface.

What are the merits of upper cervical chiropractic?
Upper Cervical Chiropractic focuses on correcting structural displacements, not an individual secondary condition. Most people come in with a couple (or more) secondary conditions that are interfering with their lives. By correcting structural displacements in the craniocervical junction, the body is often able to self-correct these secondary conditions. The precise nature of the work Dr. Schurger does, Blair Upper Cervical Chiropractic (blairchiropractic.com for more information), is so precise that he can find displacements down to half of a millimeter. When correcting these displacements, he is able to do so to within half a degree of your anatomy. This creates a custom correction that requires no twisting or popping of the spine, is very gentle on the patient, and often requires fewer corrections. This ultimately translates to short follow-up visits with long-lasting results and greater periods between adjustments.

What has been the general reaction of your patients who seek treatment?
Structural chiropractic like the kind we practice here is different for each person, but generally, people start noticing better movement and energy (or a good night’s sleep) in short order. We have patients who have near-miraculous recovery in minutes to those who have a slower recovery over weeks to months. Ultimately, we get excited patients who refer their loved ones and even strangers.

Dr. Schurger’s practice, Upper Cervical Springfield, is located at 450 S. Durkin Drive, suite B in Springfield. Call 217-698-7900 or email drschurger@mac.com to arrange a consultation. Visit www.uppercervicalspringfield.com for more information and to begin your journey back to better health. Back to Top

January 08, 2018


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